A Ray of Hope

“Because I have to remember… it’s not over yet. Because autumn frost follows the abundance of summer. Because the Jacaranda flowers unblossom and carpet the ground before I can commit them to memory.
Because everything changes…”
(An excerpt from Lisa Ray’s The Yellow Diaries)

Lisa Rani Ray

Lisa Rani Ray

“Accidental actress. Covert Social Activist. Snowleopardini.” These three phrases describe Lisa Ray on her website – ‘Snowleopardini’ being our favorite description.

A Times of India poll called her the “ninth most beautiful woman of the millennium”. Actor, model, author, host, philanthropist and social activist, Lisa Rani Ray was born to a Bengali father and Polish mother in a Canadian suburb. The cross-cultural phenomenon, Lisa was first spotted by an agent when she was 16 in India, when she began modelling and gradually gained stardom, hosting shows and acting in films around the world.

“I believe it can be cured,” Ray wrote about her disease in her blog, The Yellow Diaries, “That’s the Dirty Realist in me… I’m getting better.” We would rather call her a beautiful romantic. Battling a rare cancer,  Multiple Myeloma, vocally and publicly, Lisa Ray has been an inspiration for women around the world. Using her blog as a form of expression, she shares her personal experiences of dealing with her disease, with nothing to hide, giving strength and meaning to those who suffer.

At present, Lisa is the ambassador for the Pantene Beautiful Lengths campaign in Canada, a charity programme that encourages people to grow and donate their hair to make wigs for women dealing with cancer. Among the other several social causes, Lisa Ray is a passionate advocate of the ‘Because I Am a Girl’ campaign which supports the rights of women globally.

Lisa Ray Designs for Satya Paul

After her battle with cancer, Lisa said in an interview with Luxpresso, “I call myself Lisa 2.0, new and improved. What I have learned is to drop what is unnecessary in life: doubt, fear, insecurities and pretensions. Battling with cancer has brought out what is really important in life into a sharp focus.”

Late last year, Lisa Ray collaborated with the giant Satya Paul and unveiled her ‘Ray of Hope’ line of saris. “…The faith sari I designed is an expression of my experience. One needs faith to fall in love, to start a business, to get through your day. Faith binds us together, as does hope, so my sari line is about essential qualities which everyone – not just someone dealing with a cancer diagnosis – needs.”

View & shop the Ray of Hope collection here >>


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