Timeless, Trendy & Tenacious.

“Fashion changes, but style endures” – Coco Chanel

We love Fashion, and we also believe that fashion cannot be confined to a particular age. Trends might come and go but being a trend setter can happen at any age. Can you be 50 yet Fashionable!? We say why not! We picked three successful Indian women in their 50’s proving to us that just like fine wine, they are only getting better as they age.

It’s a known fact that the Indian Film industry and the Indian fashion Industry have had a mutual admiration towards each other for years now. As much as our designers love dressing up the celebs in their own labels, the page3 divas equally enjoy wearing/talking about their favorite designers. Therefore, we decided there couldn’t have been a better choice to pick our ladies from a category who have excelled in both Films and Fashion!



1) Rekha: One of the finest actresses in Hindi Cinema known for her versatile roles and award winning performances never fails to disappoint us in the fashion department as well. A favorite amongst all her younger contemporaries, we too can’t stop drooling over her persona and charm. Usually dressed in silk saris and kanjeevarams we learn from her that a women can look her best the desi way. Be it award ceremonies or any other social events, Rekha in her Saris is always dressed to impress!


2) Kirron Kher : An Indian theatre , film and television actress recently seen as a judge on India’s Got Talent grabbed all the eyeballs for her bold and statement pieces of jewelry. Oh, and her favorite ones are from the Amrapali collection! She defines the epitome of how jewelry can be the perfect asset on a women’s body. We simply adore her ability to carry off the jewels with such panache.


3) Hema Malini: From being an actor, producer, director and a bharatanatyam dancer- choreographer, this “dream girl” still manages to amuse us with her impeccable sense of style. Often seen wearing Shyamal & Bhumika saris at both social and private events we love how beautifully she manages to look half her age.


These timeless beauties have created some timeless fashion! Who’s your favorite?



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