The Pearl Playground

Pearls have ruled fashion since time immemorial and have a generational appeal. From necklaces and brooches to maang tikkas and haath phools, pearls are everywhere.  We couldn’t resist sharing how East meets West with an oomph of elegance and potential. All your favourite celebrities are sporting it…. Why are you holding back? It is the perfect time for a pearl splurge with’s pearly must-haves:

Deepika Padukone

Let accessories dominate your look with a complementary extravagance of pearls. We love how Deepika Padukone paired a pearly maang tikka and necklace with a gorgeous sari. Totally a showstopper…. Yes? Indulge in the luxurious maang tikka and necklace by Kista Jewelry.

Aishwarya Rai

Traditional caught our attention and held it! Rev up your ethnic ensemble as Aishwarya Rai with’s favourite picks. The chunky pearl set by Kista jewelry and maang tikka by Soranam is perfect for wedding season.

Kangna Ranaut

Pull off a retro look like Kangna Ranaut with The Anahita earrings and add a modern twist to your outfit with necklace by Kista Jewelry from A stark contrast is the key to making a strong and flattering impact.

Princess Diana

Princess Diana found a way to work pearls into every outfit whether she wore a dress or a gown. Our favourite? A single strand pearl necklace with minimalistic details. We recommend  necklaces by Kista Jewelry for the iconic look.


Daring and occasionally decorous but never demure, Rihanna makes sure that the spotlight follows her everywhere. She always has something fabulous to wear and we love her chunky beaded necklace. We recommend Deepa & Rohita necklace or a coral beaded necklace by Shubhi Kansal.


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