4 “Rules” To Break This Summer.

If rules are meant to be broken, then these are definitely the ones to break.

Don’t Wear Black During The Summer:

With all the black outfits you have, don’t you think its unfair not to be able to show them off in the summer as well? Think of all the desirable characteristics of black…among our favorites is the fact that the color makes one look slimmer & goes with almost any accessory you love! Select a style that highlights your curves and add a pop to your black ensemble with colorful accessories! It would be a pity to let all your favorite pieces just lie there in your wardrobe this summer, wouldn’t it?

blackFrom L-R: Black Tunic With Digital Print Work – Rajdeep Ranawat, Black Asymmetric Cape Tunic – SVA by Sonam & Paras Modi, Long Black Dress with Floral Patchwork – Malini Ramani 

Don’t Mix Prints:

If you want to wear print on print, we say why not!? Who doesn’t love a challenge, especially one that’s fashion forward? From florals to paisleys, mixing prints has been trending big on the runways. Try soft hues with small patterns and you will look bolder than ever. Guaranteed.


L-R:  Hot Pink Printed Top – Nida Mahmood, Blue & Black Printed Pants – Dev R Nil, Black & White Zebra Jumpsuit – Hemant & Nandita, Art Nouve Embellished Vest – Manish Arora, Silk Crepe Printed Wrap Skirt – Manish Arora

Sequins and Metallic are Only For The Night:

Why shouldn’t you sparkle during the day too? We’re not saying go all out with the bling, but a little scintillating glamour can help you shine bright like the sun. An alluring alternative to bright colors, metallics & sequins can bring a refreshing change to your every day look this summer!



L-R: Golden Pleated Tunic – Sonia Jeetley, Silver Dust Jumpsuit – Pratima Pandey, Jet Black Tunic with Embellished Yoke

Jewelry – Less Is More:

The more, the better? It all comes down to your personal preference! We love pairing eclectic jewelry together to elevate any outfit to a whole other level. Whether you’re going for a statement necklace with an oversized ring or a chunky bracelet with a bold belt, you’re going to be the most captivating person in the room! Just remember, layering statement necklaces correctly will harmonize what you thought was chaos and perfect your ensemble!

jewelryL-R: Faux Pearl Beaded Necklace with Oval Side Pendant – KokommoCrescent Shaped Earrings with Red Stones – Jorie Bazaar, Sparkling Kundan Bracelet – Deepa & Rohita, Goddess Fringe Necklace with Green Amazonite – Isharya, Green Amazonite Ring – Isharya, Golden Cuff with Dangling Chains – Malleka, Silver Necklace with Mother of Pearls – Shubhi Kansal, Blue, Yellow & Red Stone Earrings – House of Anaya, Golden Cuff with Colored Stones – Karigari



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