8 Things Worth Splurging On This Season.

Something Metallic:

Lustrous shine is the way to go this season whether it’s day or night. Go loud & proud with head to toe metallic in a glimmering gown or give the trend a daintier twist in a dress with some subdued metallic shimmer. Either way, you’re going to be all set to take on a glamorous twirl!

metallicL-R:  Flowing Golden Liquid Gown – Gaurav Gupta, Golden Dress with Sheer Pants – Dev R Nil, Glittering Golden Sari Gown – Malini Ramani

Delicately Hued:

Ivories, nudes and soft pastels have found plenty of admirers. From designer wear to street style, this trend has been absorbed in various facets of fashion and we’re not surprised. With soft sorbet shades stealing the spotlight this season, splurging on this palette is definitely a worthy investment. 

makeupcolorsL-R: Orange Cut Work Saree – AM:PM, Baby Pink & Cream Shaded Anarkali Suit – Varun Bahl, Champagne Gold Sari – Shyamal & Bhumika 

Prints All Around:

This season’s print craze ranges from grids, triangles to concentric circles and more. Pushing fashion to a limit while embracing distinct & bold graphics, these designs are guaranteed attention grabbers.


L-R: Blue & Black Printed Dress – Ritu Kumar, Multi-Color Beads Print Tights – Manish Arora, Decor Print Tunic Dress – Pankaj & Nidhi

Full Bloom:

Style goes in full bloom this season so don’t be scared to flaunt an over the top floral look! Let your wardrobe display the joy and romance of summer with coveted floral designs, of course. This trend is one that seemingly isn’t going away any time soon.


L-R: Hot Pink Palazzo Pants – Anupama Dayal, Black Printed Kaftan – Ritu Kumar, Red Embroidery Navy Dress – Pankaj & Nidhi

Asymmetric Hems:

If you are looking for a dress or tunic that will instantly update your wardrobe, it has to be something with the asymmetric hem. The asymmetry is bold, classy and timeless, not to mention totally unique!


L-R: Sun Yellow & Mustard Tunic – Ekru, Navy Blue & Black Assymetrical Dress – Kavita Bhartia , Cream Tunic with French Knots – Samant Chauhan


Body con is still a strong trend but the introduction of flare is a stunning way to break up your basic look and add volume. Intrigued much? Try colorful flared pants with plain tops or an eye-catching jump suit. 

FlaredL-R: Sea Green Halter Jumpsuit –  Citrus by Shibani, Layered Top & Pants – SOUP By Sougat Paul, Burgundy Pleated Flare Pants – AM:PM  

Tribal Influences:

Fashion is heading into the wild with tribal influences. Think ethnic prints and feather detailing to African inspired motifs. Who doesn’t like a challenge? Make way for tribal in your wardrobe!


L-R: Olive Gown with Feather Accessory – Samant Chauhan, Beige Tunic with Tribal Print – Anita Dongre, Multicolored Digital Printed Sari – Satya Paul

Lavish Layers:

Why wear a single silhouette when lavish layers look so spectacular? Layer jackets over suits or skirts with trousers to take advantage of this trend.


L-R: Royal Blue Jacket Style Lengha with a with Fuchsia Dupatta – Sawan Gandhi, Beige & Dark Umber Lengha with Embellished Long Jacket – Expressionist by Jaspreet, Chrome Yellow Anarkali Suit with Embellished Jacket – Joy Mitra

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