7 Things You Need To Know About Miss America 2014: Nina Davuluri

From being the first Miss America of Indian descent to hosting one of the largest gatherings for a country official, Nina Davuluri has made her presence felt, and how! Always on trend, this beauty queen has graced the covers of numerous magazines worldwide for her exceptional sense of style & take on fashion, not to mention the fact that with a degree in neurobiology, she truly represents what it means to be a “beauty with brains”.

We at Exclusively.In had the privilege to dress Nina for the #ModiInAmerica event at Madison Square Garden, and we were blown away. So here’s our list of ten things you need to know about Ms. Davuluri before she steals your heart, as she has ours!

Nina Davuluri

  1. Talking About Firsts: The gorgeous and breathtaking beauty, Nina Davuluri became the first Indian American to be Miss America! The last two contestants standing at the end of the competition were Davuluri and Miss California, Crystal Lee, who became the first runner-up.

Nina Davuluri

  1. She’s An Avid Dancer: Close to her cultural heritage, she is a trained Kuchipudi and Bharatanatyam dancer. Also, the first to stun on the Miss America stage with a Bollywood dance number! Davuluri flew to Los Angeles to train with So You Think You Can Dance choreographer Nakul Dev Mahajan. How amazing is that?

Nina Davuluri

  1. She’s Risen Out Of Controversy & Left Her Critics Behind: Social media brought forth the happy congratulations and people throwing angry tantrums that a woman of Indian descent had won Miss America. Breaking through the walls of racism and celebrating cultural diversity with such charm has raised Nina above all. Much like her contemporary Ms. Syracuse, Vanessa Williams who was the first African-American Miss America, we are certain Ms. Davuluri is on her way to doing great things!


  1. Beauty With Brains: Nina is a motivational speaker specialising in diversity, anti-bullying, STEM, childhood obesity, eating disorders, women’s health, a degree from University of Michigan in brain behavior and cognitive science and now Miss America 2014! You make us proud!

Nina Davuluri

  1. In Designers: With a smile that vivacious & impeccable sense of style, Nina is a red carpet force to be reckoned with. Among the various red carpets that have been graced by her presence, we were left star struck by her appearances at the 2014 IIFA Awards in Florida. She has adorned many designer ensembles including Manish Malhotra, Payal Singhal and we’re in love with all her ever so enchanting looks!

Nina Davuluri

  1. Cover Star: Nina has graced the covers of various magazines! Can you expect anything less? We were thrilled to find an article on Ms. Davuluri in Harper’s Bazaar India Edition March 2014. She looks stunning as ever!

Nina Davuluri

  1. The inspirational force: After coming out in the open with her battle against Bulimia during her teen years, Nina switched to a healthy lifestyle that emphasised on eating right & regular exercise. A proponent of good health & looking good the right way, Nina has become a force for change & inspiration for people all over the globe. She sent a message of hope to other young, minority women and we’re embracing it, are you?

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  1. Amina

    she is just lucky as she isn’t exceptionally beautifull

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