We all love the romanticism of flowing silhouettes, however, the subtlety of androgynous dressing is a refreshing change that is being seen across the globe. Silhouettes of crisp straight lines or oversized and baggy outfits, the androgynous look is not restricted to what is considered an ‘appropriate’ attire for a specific gender. Malini Banerji, Fashion Editor of Elle India states “I look at androgyny as having no gender boundaries. What ever the term being used, fashion is moving towards gender less clothes, and moving away from the norms of the past. I believe this trend is here to stay as it is all about having the freedom to express yourself.”

Basic forms, muted color palettes and simple tailoring might paint a boring picture for some, but the androgynous look suggests a stance of power displaying inner strength, thus it’s often considered a statement. This aesthetically progressive trend is here to stay and grow while being high on comfort.

This trend’s sharper variation was recently seen in Gaurav Gupta’s pinstriped power suits and Rohit Gandhi and Rahul Khanna’s tailored pantsuits at AIFW Fall/Winter 2015. A more grounded interpretation was seen in Bodice’s fall winter 2015 collection of  no-frill and minimally inclined clothing. With its simplistic and relaxed silhouettes, Ruchika’s collection will be one of the easiest to translate and incorporate in your wardrobe. Lovebirds is a summer favorite with their Cruise Resort 2015 collection that focuses on relaxed fit in a monochrome palette with bursts of blue and white. GG BODICELOVEBIRDS copy Amongst international designers  Jil Sander, Throm Browne and Alexander Wang have showcased variations of androgyny in  their spring summer 2015 collections for the season ahead. INTERNATIONAL

Androgyny is a trend that is here to stay and luckily a trend that is not limited to a single season. Adopt it for this summer and stay tuned for more on Exclusively.


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