Exclusively Talks: Fashion X Art

What’s an artist? Who’s a designer? We live in a time where boundaries are blurring between various fields. But the demarcation between fashion and art has long been erased. In fact, we have witnessed an evolution wherein fashion designers now find room in museums and art is more fashionable than ever.

Collaborations are form of mutual appreciation and the results are more often than not amazing.  We at Exclusively list out some of the fashion + art alliances that have stood out for us.

Marc Jacobs + Yayoi Kusama for Louis Vuitton


This is what happens when an iconic personality meets an iconic luxury name. Japanese artist, Yayoi Kusama’s trademark polka dots combined with Marc Jacobs’s vision created a simplistically styled but noteworthy collaboration.

Louis Vuitton + Takashi Murakami


Louis Vuitton has had a long line of collaborative efforts, and most have been significant. Another fine example is the Louis Vuitton and Takashi Murakami alliance. Takashi Murakami is one of the biggest names in Japanese contemporary art and brought is iconic, quirky sense of aesthetics to this collaboration. Perhaps they have a fondness for Japanese artists? Perhaps we do too? There is no denying the visually iconic results of this collaboration.

Vogue + Thukral & Tagra


The best art and fashion relationships are those of contemporary and pop bent of mind and a suitable example is Thukral & Tagra’s collaboration with Vogue India. The artist duo designed cover graphics for Vogue’s March 2014 issue with Kareena Kapoor Khan bracing the cover. This stunning cover was part of Thukral and Tiagra’s Dream Generator series and Thukral in an interview with Vogue stated,“She (Kareena) fit right 
into our vision of Manjot, the protagonist, who daydreams of escape to foreign lands. On the cover we are a part of the same dream she is in.” This vibrant cover is destined to be a crowning glory in the archives of Vogue India.

Singh Twins + Tarun Tahiliani 

Tarun_Tahiliani_Singh_Twins_indiaartndesign (3)

One of the most recent art and fashion collaborations that left us awestruck was the one between Tarun Tahiliani and London based artists, the Singh Twins. Tarun Tahiliani’s silhouettes and classic drapes are a constant, but he took inspirations from Singh Twins satirical miniature paintings, interpreting them as motifs and stylistic embroideries. This collaboration is definitely one of our favorites.

Delhi Art Gallery + Gaurav Gupta


We have mostly seen fashion appropriate art in collaborative projects, but there have been occasions where fashion designers have ventured into the sphere of curating a show. The curation showcased Gaurav Gupta’s 10-year journey in design through a fashion and art exhibit titled Paradigm Shift, co-curated by Gaurav Gupta and Mr. Kishore Singh of Delhi Art Gallery.

The list for fashion and art collaborations is long and likely to be a continuous one.  The synergies between these disciplines are magnificent and inspire not only the artists and designers involved, but all of us as well.


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