Designer Introductions: Munkee See Munkee Doo

A brand that has stood out in its eclectic minimalism amongst the wave of designers – Munkee See Mukee Doo has been a long favorite of ours at

Launched by the designer duo Teresa Laisom and Utsav Pradhan in 2009, Munkee See Munkee Doo as a brand has contributed in re-structuring modern urban staples with their innovative designs that are inspired by the philosophy of opposites attracting. Their designs often showcase this by striking a unique balance by incorporating two otherwise opposing elements.
With reference to their creative sensibilities, in an interview for Vogue, the duo stated that their collections are, “defined by focusing on clean aesthetics and attention to detailing”. And with their diverse array of inspirations this duo has never failed to impress the world of fashion that has gone beyond the Indian subcontinent with Vogue Italia recently featuring Munkee See Munkee Doo amongst the 22 unmissable clothing brands from around the world.

We list for you our favorite pieces from the designer duos newest collection that juxtaposes the themes of violence and sweetness and is also now available on for you to shop.

11150488_10152616878616534_1766780786747029529_n 11149538_10152616878201534_2298527460430092995_n

11143671_10152616878316534_4657379935738129556_n 11130212_10152616878411534_2468246733412149452_n

10421993_10152616877161534_1830824445248663931_n copy

*All images used are from Munkee.See.Munkee.Doo’s new campaign.


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