Bater by Sabyasachi

We knew we were in for an almost surrealistically beautiful display of design as the lights were dimmed and the smoke rose from the grand but decaying setting of Sabyasachi’s couture show.
Bater by Sabyasachi is a regal interpretation of a gothic world that also features the glamour of the Kolkata he envisions.The collection showcased subtle and restrained designs in the couturier’s almost signature palette of muted gold, ink blues and black with last looks being bold deep reds. Inspired by the bird of prey the collection heavily showcased intricate embroideries with meticulous Zardozi and Resham work.

Juxtaposition seemed to the theme of the evening as Sabyasachi’s opulent work was showcased on set that was stunningly ‘goth’. The dramatic piano score through the show added to the emotions of a grim and vintage world.

With footwear that matched the decadence of the clothes, the iconic designer- Christian Louboutin was the perfect partner for Sabyasachi’s collection.

Sabyasachi’s show was a suitable start to the India Couture Week 2015. As the bar is held, we cannot wait to see what more is in store for us!

IMG_3585 IMG_3603 IMG_3672 IMG_3707 IMG_3720 IMG_3779 IMG_3799
Except several collections to be available on Exclusively right off the runway!

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