Vogue Fashion’s Night Out: The Sartorial World’s Favourite Shopping Fiesta

​There are shopping festivals, carnivals, flea markets, trade fairs and cocktail soirees and then there is the definitive event on every fashion calendar: Fashion’s Night Out. A yearly global fashion event organized by the international Vogue network, Fashion’s Night Out is a unique opportunity for the fashion enthusiasts and the sartorial celebrities – the designers, the models and the style icons, to come together and celebrate fashion at its glorious best. Known as an evening of free flowing cocktails, spotting world-famous designers and celebs, all the while shopping late into the night, it is a fiesta unlike any other.

And it is not just about fun and frolic. Fashion’s Night Out was created in 2009 to restore consumer confidence and to boost the industry’s economy, and since then this unique event has inspired tens of thousands of shoppers around the world to participate. The annual event aims to bring people closer to the fashion industry, boost participating business and support charity projects.

With over 23 international editions, Fashion’s Night Out is quite possibly the most successful international fashion initiative. As we gear up for the Indian edition of the Fashion Night Out, starting shortly today at Palladium, the luxury destination of Mumbai, we take a look at some of the most definitive moments from the FNO history since its conception in 2009. We take a stock of the FNO’s so far at the 4 major fashion capitals – New York, London, Paris, Milan and then of course our very own Delhi and Mumbai:​

New York

As is often the case with all things modern fashion, New York is where it all began. Vogue US (more specifically the high priestess of fashion, Anna Wintour) and the Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA) joined forces in 2009 for the first ever Fashion’s Night Out held on 11th September 2009. Taking place amidst a recession hit economy, it was an initiative of special consequence as it set about to monetize the fashion fraternity like it had never been before. The importance of this can be gauged from the fact that In the four years it ran in New York, Fashion’s Night Out raised over $1 million for NYC AIDS Fund.

#FunFact: While it was undoubtedly the most successful edition of the international FNOs, the NYC FNO went on a hiatus in 2013. The reason being the sponsors felt that the participating retailers and designers would get a chance to focus their budgets on other projects.Talk about promoting fashion, no one does it better than Vogue after all!

 [Image Courtesy Blonde Salad]

[Image Courtesy Blonde Salad]


Next on FNO radar was the illustrious fashion address of Central London. Debuting shortly after the New York Fashion’s Night Out, the London Fashion’s Nigh Out was unique in that it was modeled to be in and around the many fashion and beauty stores on the hallowed shopping streets: Oxford Street, Regent Street and the New Bond Street. It has since become London’s biggest shopping street party and a tourist attraction in itself.

#FunFact: For this year, Fashion’s Night Out in London has been renamed VogueLoves Regent Street, a fashion homage to one of the oldest and most coveted shopping districts/stretch of them all. It is the first time that the event is focusing on only one location in the city.

[Image Courtesy Blonde Salad]

[Image Courtesy Blonde Salad]


It wouldn’t be a fashion event if it didn’t involve the original fashion capital, Paris. And Fashion’s Night Out is no exception. Running successfully since 2009, the Paris Fashion Night Out stands out as a fashion and cultural festival and why wouldn’t it be with historical landmarks like Faubourg Saint-Honore, the Rue Royale and the Royal Place turning into shopping and party venues for the night.

#FunFact: When it’s Paris, you expect the drama and the flair. Paris Fashion’s Night Out delivers this in high dosages, much like the below captured Kenzo Hoola Party with Marawa, The Amazing, the enigmatic hula hooping master and British Got Talent 2011 finalist.

[Image Courtesy: Marawatheamazing.com]

[Image Courtesy: Marawatheamazing.com]


As is the case with everything Milanese, the Milan edition of Fashion’s Night Out has an exhibition like vibe. A presentation of everything that is beautiful about fashion set against the majestic backdrop of Duomo Di Milano, the renowned Milan Cathedral in Piazza del Duomo. Add to that light and sound performances, electrifying live DJ sets and of course the many fashion boutiques open till late, making Milan a figurative sartorial haven for the day.

#FunFact: In 2013, Vogue Italia decided to hold FNO at an offsite, the offsite being the larger than life Dubai Mall in Dubai. No second guesses on why this was! (The middle eastern moolah of course!)

[Image Credit: Blonde Salad}

[Image Credit: Blonde Salad]

New Delhi/Mumbai

Coming to our very own India, what was impressive that FNO arrived the same year as it debuted in New York, much ahead of most of it’s other international editions. With over 65 partner designers, charitable endeavours like the VogueLoves designer merchandise and special projects like the Black Clutch Project installation (48 Indian designers’ variations of the classic black clutch), the Indian version of Fashion’s Night Out is quite a progressive yearly fashion event.

#FunFact: FNO in India debuted in New Delhi at the luxury destination, DLF Emporio. After four successful editions at the venue and on popular demand, it shifted to the Palladium in Mumbai in 2013 (incidentally the 5th anniversary of Vogue India)

[Image Courtesy DailyMail]

[Image Courtesy: DailyMail]

We at Exclusively.com applaud this celebration of fashion and can’t wait to see what this year’s Fashion’s Night Out has to offer.

P.S. Some exciting features from this year’s FNO in Mumbai: Fashion & Culinary MasterClass with Sarah Todd of MasterChef Australia fame and a special Vogue cover shoot at the venue.

P.P.S. In case you miss attending the Mumbai Fashion’s Night Out, you can still make it to one of the 20 other FNO’s, be it in Rio de Janeiro or Seoul! The official FNO 2015 dates are: 28th August in Shanghai and Melbourne; 2nd September in Mumbai, 3rd September in Sydney, São Paulo and Moscow; 9thSeptember in Berlin; 10th September in London, Amsterdam, Madrid, Lisbon, Rio de Janeiro and Vienna; 11th September in Dusseldorf; 12th September in Tokyo and Taipei; 17th September in Florence; 18th September in St. Petersburg; 19thSeptember in Mexico City; 22nd September in Milan; 25th September in Bangkok; 8th October in Vitoria; 9th October in Kiev; 15th October in Goiania; 17th October in Osaka and 23rd October in Seoul.


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