On The Exclusively Radar: Athiya Shetty

The Making of Bollywood’s Next Style Icon

We have been seeing (and hearing) quite a lot of Athiya Shetty these past few months ahead of the release of her debut film, Hero (which released last week). And while we will let her work speak for her acting prowess, one thing we can say quite confidently, is that the 22 year old is something of a style icon in the making – being featured on four magazine covers, two of them the coveted September covers and almost all the best dressed lists in the recent past.

The fact that Ms. Shetty is making big strides sartorially can be gauged from the very fact that she is being touted as the next Sonam Kapoor and while we reserve our right to go as far as saying that just yet, we cannot deny she knows her fashion and brands. What has us especially impressed is that she has been giving the obvious names a miss while on recent promotions for her film, sporting labels and looks that speak of a connoisseur’s eye – something Ms. Shetty seems to have gotten through the gene pool from her mother, the ever so stylish Mana Shetty.

And while her picture-perfect appearances and impeccable style can be attributed to some degree to one of our favorite stylists, Ami Patel, one cannot deny the forceful persona the leggy actress brings to all of her appearances. Athiya manages to style and carry off almost every outfit effortlessly – one only has to look at her hits versus miss ratio as per the style police verdicts, almost every appearance of hers being labeled a hit so far. And the fact that she favours young designers and unconventional off the runway options gets her major brownie points from us.

From androgynous in Armaan Aiman to femme fatale in Gauri and Nainika, we pick up 10 of our absolute favorite looks of the actress till date, appearances and outfits reflecting Athiya Shetty’s style versatility and her reasserting her claim to sartorial hall of fame:

1. Sultry in Gauri & Nainika

Athiya-Shetty-In-Gauri-And-Nainika-At-Vogue-Beauty-Awards-2015-659x600 copy

At Vogue Beauty Awards (Image Courtesy: Vogue.in)

2. Powerful in Kanika Goyal

2athiya-celebration copy

At Hero Release Celebrations (Image Courtesy: Indian Express)

3. Charming in Payal Pratap


At a promotional event for her debut film (Image Courtesy: Vogue.in)

4. Androgynous in Armaan Aiman

IMG_2883-2 (1)

At a private event (Shop Look Here) (Image Courtesy: Miss Malini)

5. Parisienne in Issa 

Athiya-Shetty-Wears-Issa-To-The-Unveiling-Of-Grazia-September-2015-Issue-1-700x557 copy

At The Unveiling of Grazia September Cover (Image Courtesy: Grazia.co.in)

6. Traditional in Ritu Kumar

athiya-shetty__910031 copy

At a promotional event (Image Courtesy: Pink Villa)

7. Bohemian in Swati Vijaivargie

athiya-shetty-swati-vijaivargie-hero-promotions copy

At A Promotional Event (Shop Look Here) (Image Courtesy: Viral Bayani)

8. Casual In Verandah

athiya-shetty-verandah-hero-promotions-700x597 copy

At Sophia College Festival Kaleidoscope (Image Courtesy: Viral Bayani)

9. Vintage in Sabyasachi

Athiya Shetty Hero promotions (3)_0 copy

Backstage At Dance India Dance Sets (Image Courtesy: Viral Bayani)

10. All The Shades Together On & In The Magazines

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Want to know who is next on our style radar, the new name we can all take a style lesson or two from? Watch this space for more on the style icons in making and worth knowing.

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