Casual Fridays: Cardinal Rules For The Perfect Laidback Work Look

The Not So Casual Art Of Casual Friday Dressing

One of the trickiest outfit dilemma is figuring what to wear to work on casual Fridays. Depending on your work environment, you might be able to pull off super casual styles or maybe working in a place where even denims and flimsy tops are a no go. Regardless of your dress code, it’s always a good idea to remember that you’re still at work and can be called into an important meeting at the eleventh hour (not the optimum moment to be caught wearing a crop top or flip-flops).

Taking in to account the different career settings, the season and the current trends, we have put together a list of seven cardinal fashion guidelines to help you steer toward a truly smart casual look that is equal parts sharp for the daytime and laid back for those transitioning into the weekend evening hours. Keep reading for ideas and shoppable edits:

RULE #1: Dress According To The Industry

You wouldn’t want to be caught dead in a pair of low rising denims and barely there top if you are in law but if you are a fashion professional, it might just go with your work environment. We would suggest looking to what those directly above you are wearing – as you always want to dress for the job you want and not the job that you have. As for what to wear, the look should be a balance: whatever is appropriate for your office only infused with slightly more of your personal style than you might wear on, say, a Monday.

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Scroll down for where to buy these looks and more on the rules of Friday dressing.

RULE #2: Opt For Dresses That Are Seasonal Yet Professional

While you may want to express your fashionable side by wearing the latest trends, remember to tone down a bit to fit in with the work environment you are in. When choosing dresses, opt for tailored versions that can have prints and cuts as per your fashion sense. Here are a few options of what we would suggest:

1. Khem by Khushboo & Prem Laser Cut Embroidered Dress (Shop Here), 2. Soup by Sougat Paul Beige Printed Dress (Shop Here), 3. Karieshma Sarnaa Printed Indigo Dress (Shop Here) & 4. Label Ritu Kumar Checkered Dress (Shop Here)

RULE #3: Stick With Straight Denims & Structured Trousers

The liberating feeling of getting to wear denims to work is undeniable but we urge you to not give in to your urge of wearing those ripped and washed out affairs that you are in love with at the moment. Instead invest in a straight fit, structured pair so that you still look like you are at work and not lounging about on a Sunday. These are what we have in mind:

1. Shruti Sancheti Printed Marsala Trousers (Shop Here), 2. White Champa Black Trousers (Shop Here), 3. Siddartha Tytler Butter Cream Palazzo Pants (Shop Here) & 4. Runaway Bicycle Denim Culottes (Shop Here)

RULE #4: Button Down Shirts Are A Safe Bet

Yes we get that you don’t want to be all buttoned up as the weekend approaches and the crisply starched shirts might be too much. So give in to your urge of wearing shirts in more relaxed fits and with fun prints or colours. Just don’t go overboard with sheers and skin show!

1. Khem by Khushboo & Prem White Shirt With Metallic Paneling (Shop Here), 2. Label Ritu Kumar Coral Embroidered Shirt (Shop Here), 3. White Champa Crinkled Shirt (Shop Here) & 4. White Champa Embroidered Brick Red Shirt (Shop Here)

RULE #5: Give In To Your Love For Color & Prints

So while you take care to chose outfits that are not too short or too loose or too casual, one thing you can freely go for is colours and prints. Have fun selecting pieces that are a reflection of your own personality – be it vivid colours, graphic designs or digital prints. Remember it is one day where the idea is to have fun with clothes so might as well in any way you can!

1. Armaan Aiman Crimson Red Pleated Pants & Embroidered White Shirt (Shop Here), 2. Nida Mahmood Spring Green Bollywood Skirt & Ivory Embroidered Top (Shop Here), 3. QuirkBox Multi Colored Pencil Skirt (Shop Here) & 4. Zadig Et Voltaire Snake Skin Print Trousers (Shop Here)

RULE #6: Always, Always Carry A Smart Blazer

Yes it’s Friday but that doesn’t account for those sudden meetings or presentations that might crop up. So even if you are dressed a tad bit more casually then usual, you will be alright if you have a sharply tailored business suit coat or blazer handy. The instant smartening effect of the said outer wear is undeniable. We would in fact recommend keeping one in your office at all times for all contingency purposes. Here are four we would recommend:

1. Armaan Aiman Beige Full Sleeves Jacket (Shop Here), 2. Label Ritu Kumar Printed Teal Jacket (Shop Here), 3. Rajesh Pratap Singh Pink Handwoven Jacket (Shop Here) & 4. Akaaro Ochre Sleeveless Silk Jacket (Shop Here)

Lastly, remember, the idea is to not look like you just rolled out of bed. The ensemble has to be still carefully put together and not just randomly thrown on. For more options for your Friday work wardrobe, head over here for an extensive selection of what we feel constitutes the perfect casual Friday dressing. Happy shopping!


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