Beardy-Man: How to Get The Perfect Beard Going

We have all seen the endless memes and stories about ‘Why Bearded Men Are Hotter’ and how a nice full beard does wonders for a man. As cliched as it may sound gentlemen, all those stories and memes are true! A well-groomed, full beard just ups a man’s ‘sexy’ quotient. Maybe it’s the ruggedness, the sheer ‘manliness’ factor or maybe it’s because beards are just cool (case in point – Jon Hamm, Ryan Gosling and a little closer to home, Milind Soman and Shahid Kapoor), we’re not sure what the reason is either, but we know we like a man with a well-groomed beard! And if you think this is all just rubbish, we will have you know that a scientific study published by the Official Journal of Human Behaviour found that special types of facial hair have quite an impact on how people with beards are perceived. For instance, female participants in the study rated men with heavy stubble as the most attractive. Convinced now?

So for all the above mentioned reasons and many more, you’ve been considering growing a beard. In your head, you can already picture that full, perfectly groomed beauty of a beard and how well you’re pulling it off. And then you try to start growing out that beard and it’s not really working out like you expected – the scraggly mess on your face is not quite what you imagined! Well, fear not! Here, we give you a few tips, a cheat sheet if you will, on how to get the perfect beard.

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  1. All Good Things Come To Those Who Wait (And Shave Repeatedly)

If you are one of those lucky men who are blessed with the perfect stubble growth, more power to you! But for many men, stubble growth can be quite random and patchy and so, the first step is to ensure you get the perfect stubble growth. To this end, you should keep shaving your facial hair until a full stubble grows in. Once you hit that mark, you’re ready to get going on growing out that beard.

2. It’s All About Commitment

Now that you’ve got the stubble sorted, you’ve got to really commit to this beard. Sure, things can get hairy (pun intended) and itchy, but bear through it! When you see the glorious beard come into its own, it will all be worth it! Commit and stop shaving – give it time and let that beard grow out.

3. Trim, Trim, Trim!

Caring for your beard is a lot like your haircuts – just because you don’t go bald, doesn’t mean you don’t trim your hair right? Similarly, you need to continuously trim your beard as it grows, to ensure that while it gets to where you want it to be, it looks neat and groomed and you don’t look like Cousin It!

4. Stay In Shape!

Once your beard is long enough, it’s time to start thinking about the shape you want to give your beard. The shape you choose for your beard will depend on the shape of your face (watch this space to know what shape will work for your face shape). Once you’ve decided on what you want, it makes sense to visit a barber who can whip your facial hair into shape and set you on your way to getting that perfect beard.

5. The Tool Kit

If it’s been said once it has been said a million times – invest in the right products to care for your beard. Facial hair needs just as much care and attention as the hair on your head which means you need to have the right products as well. A damn good beard trimmer, an effective shampoo, the right comb depending on the length of your hair and a light beard care oil are absolute must-have’s in your tress tool kit.

6. Necking

As your beard grows in, you need to set some definition vis-a-vis a clear neck line. Our advice is to leave this to the professionals – visit a barber and ask them to define your beards neck line. The best idea is to get a good neck fade, where your full beard fades into a neat neck line. You can then maintain that as your beard comes into its own.

7. Enjoy The Attention!

As you grow your beard, you’re bound to get a lot of looks for a multitude of reasons. One, it’s new and it will take people some time to get used to your new look. Other times, it could be looks of envy, looks of admiration – the reasons really are endless. Our POV? ENJOY THE ATTENTION!

So there you go! As we slowly get into No Shave November, these tips should help you get that perfect beard, but also remember you will learn along the way. At the end of the day, it’s your beard and you need to learn and adapt your techniques to what works best for you. Good luck!


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