The Talented Mr. [Shah Rukh] Khan

5 Times We Lost Our Hearts To The Original Superhero Of Them All

When thinking about writing this article, we wondered what could we say about SRK that hasn’t already been said? Everyone already knows he is one of India’s finest acting talents – there’s no need to talk about that really! It’s a commonly accepted fact that women of all ages swoon at the very thought of him (and dream of being his wife) while men of all ages have to admit there’s just something about him that sets him a class apart. He’s sharp as a tack and witty like no other. His sarcasm, sense of humor and general demeanor leave you hooked onto his interviews and talk show appearances. Any brand that is lucky enough to have his endorsement suddenly becomes the brand of choice for millions of people. And we aren’t talking about just India – SRK’s charm and aura have earned him major international repute and a size-able global fan following as well. He’s one of those special men, who will be recognized and stopped even in the most remote parts of the world.

Most young (and now, not so young) girls, have at some point or another dreamt about finding their own Raj/Rahul. From Baazigar to DDLJ to Kuch Kuch Hota Hai to K3G to Kal Ho Na Ho.. we really could go on and on but for the sake of brevity, the point we are trying to make is SRK’s versatility as an actor has ensured that through his movies, he’s been someone to everyone. To many women, he’s been the man to fantasize about, while to many men, he’s been the aspirational figure, the effortlessly cool ‘man’s man’ they would someday like to be.

If SRK wasn’t the epitome of ‘India Cool’ already, with his impressive portfolio of movies, brand endorsements and IPL winning cricket team, very recently he was presented with an honorary doctorate by the University of Edinburgh. That’s right, technically, he’s now Dr. SRK – just when his list of accomplishments seems like it can’t get longer, he proves us wrong! To commemorate his latest achievement, we have put together a list of the 5 times when King Khan completely bowled us over and stole/melted/owned our hearts (yes, we shamelessly admit we love him!

  1. When He Made Us All Fauji Fans



A true-blue SRK fan, will remember him first for his appearance as fresh-faced, cheeky but lovable Cadet Abhimanyu Rai in the TV series Fauji. His brilliant performance as the affable and charming cadet was what got him noticed but the biggies of B-town and eventually cast in his first movie, Deewana. To give credit where credit is due, Fauji was instrumental in making SRK what he is today.

2. When He Made The Perfect Couple With Kajol (over and over again!)



If  there’s one woman who could convince us to give up our own aspirations of being Mrs. SRK, it would be Kajol. The chemistry between the pairing (albeit platonic) is undeniable and they look great together both on and off screen. Watching them give interviews together will elicit at least one “awww” because they are just adorable around each other. Case in point, during an interview, when asked if Kajol was the best actress in the country, without skipping a beat SRK replied “The best actress in the universe!”. Raj + Simran = Forever!

3. When He Put Reporters In Place – Time and Time Again

[Credits: Pinterest]

[Credits: Pinterest]

When asked if he’s bi-sexual, he replied “I’m tri-sexual; I try everything!”

When asked on how much he was being paid, he replied “If you ask me that again ma’am, I’m going to have to ask you your age”

When asked if he woke up every morning looking that good, he replied “No, I get up everyday and have plastic surgery”

When asked when he would make different movies, better movies, he replied “When will you start asking me different questions, better questions?”

Oh Shahrukh!

4. When He Silenced Critics With Chak De!



SRK had started getting some flak for playing the predictable characters of ‘Raj’ and ‘Rahul’ over and over again by the media and critics and his response was just a class apart. In true SRK fashion, he let his talent and work speak for itself with an unbelievable performance in Chak De! Playing the character of hardened women;s hockey coach Kabir Khan, SRK silenced all nay sayers with his acting chops and the versatility he displayed. Straying from mainstream characterizations, this role required him to channel a more intense, dark, brooding aura and he did it like he does everything else – with perfection! It didn’t hurt that he looked drop dead sexy with that stubble.

5. When He Broke Into Lungi Dance At University Of Edinburgh



As mentioned above, on the 15th of October, SRK was awarded an honorary doctorate from the University of Edinburgh. He addressed the students at the University and his speech was reflective of his sparkling wit and undeniable charm. Drawing references from a bunch of his movies like Deewane, Kuch Kuch Hota Hai and Chak De to name a few, he spoke to the students about the ‘Life Lessons’ he had picked up along the way. Peppered with humour and gravitas in equal measures, he poked fun at himself, his career, the media and the industry while acknowledging that all the lessons he learned was from the movies he made and his career. What we loved though was how he ended his speech – he broke into the famous Lungi dance and no surprises, completely nailed it and blew the audience away!


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