All That Glows & Sparkles

The Ultimate Beauty Buys For This Festive Season

As we head towards the D-Day (of course we’re talking about December, the month of weddings, parties and festivities) it’s time to prepare yourself for the accompanying festivities and pomp! While we know you have probably given your festive wardrobe a lot of thought and have put together your fabulous festive ensembles (and if you haven’t, check out Elle India’s Fashion Editor Malini Banerji’s reccomendations for Diwali looks), you also need to think about your skin and care for it through these festive days and nights.

December brings with it parties, festivities, food, drinks and late night and through all of this your skin goes through a considerable amount of wear and tear. The long days and nights can tire your skin and dehydrate it, making it all the more essential for you to take care of it and follow a well thought out skin care routine. As always, we’ve got your back!

Here, we round up a list of must-have skin care essentials to ensure you retain that festive glow through this season of celebration! And the best bit? You can get all these and more of the best in beauty, only on

Face Cleansers

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Face Maks

Shop here for Face Masks


Shop here for Moisturizers

Night Creams

Shop here for Night Creams


Shop here for SPF products

Be your own light this December!


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