Handcrafted Luxe: The House of Heel & Buckle

In the age of the metro-sexual man, it comes as no surprise that increasingly, we see men who are sartorially inclined and care about their appearance right from how they are groomed to the fitting of their suits to the quality and class of their shoes. Enter, luxury shoe maker, The House of Heel & Buckle, who through their assortment of luxury shoe brands, are creating timeless, elegant and luxe footwear collections for men. Launched as a bespoke studio in Hampstead, London in 2011, The House of Heel & Buckle has been distinctive, quality footwear that are unmatched in style quotient and panache. They have several brands under the parent brand and now, you can shop all these only on Exclusively. com. Here, we give you the inside scoop on the best of the brands and what you should be on the look out for!

Hrithik Roshan (1)

Hrithik Roshan in Heel and Buckle London


Magnanni crafts footwear for the modern, fashionable man, the man who puts some thought into how he looks and used his sartorial prowess as an outlet of expression for his personality. Using the Bologna construction technique, the shoes provide unequalled comfort and flexibility without sacrificing elegant design. We are particularly loving the Semi-Brogues and the Textured Derby Shoes!

Brown Magnanni Semi Brogue Shoes

Magnanni Dual Textured Eastmond Derby Shoes

Semi Brogues

Brown Magnanni Semi Brogue Shoes


Church’s bring you the most exquisite luxury footwear for men in a wide range of styles and colours.For the modern man who appreciated timelessness and elegance, this line of footwear is definitely something to watch out for and in our top picks for the season. Check out the very in-trend Lamport Oxfords and Chetwynd Brogues for sure!

Lamport Oxfords

Dark Gray Church Lamport Oxfords

Burgundy Church Chetwynd Brogues

Burgundy Church Chetwynd Brogues

Heel & Buckle London:

A shoe for every occasion, a shoe for every style, a shoe for every man – that is the ethos of Heel & Buckle London. Featuring, timeless classic additions that must feature in every gentleman’s wardrobe, the collection resonates with an attempt to provide a style selection that can complement different occasions and styling preferences. Do not miss out on the fabulous Brown Taselled Loafers and Blue Penny Loafers!

Brown Tasselled Loafers

Brown Tasselled Loafers

Blue Penny Loafers

Blue Penny Loafers

So, what are you waiting for? Get your hands on these exquisite shoes only at Exclusively.com


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