Top 15 Trends In Menswear 2015

15 trends that dominated the male wardrobe this year

The year is coming to an end and suddenly the men are demanding all the attention for their style picks. Its not only women who have made a mark with their trendsetting streak, menswear have also created quite a stir in the fashion world. Though you won’t find your man declaring out and out which trend he is sporting, because once a great man was quoted saying that a man should pick his clothes with care, then look as though he’s forgotten all about them. To tell you the truth that man is celebrated English fashion designer Sir Edwin Hardy Amies, and you thought its all about comfort and utility that a man seeks in his closet to look so effortlessly good. So there’s no point racking your brains about the sudden fashion forwardness of your significant half, we are here to do that bit for you.

Behold as we decode the 15 trends of 2015 that the menfolk wooed us with

All Black– Black spells power dressing and that’s one color you are bound to find in abundance in a man’s wardrobe. But this year we saw some interesting transformation with respect to its application. No more is it being used as a formal staple it has also seeped into a man’s casual wear.
black man
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Sweatpants– Never did we think that we will be crushing on a man in sweatpants but that relaxed and mock-athletic look is topping the charts now. If balanced with something structured and fitted( denim or overcoat) on top this slouchy bottom can actually fetch brownie points.sweatpants
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Trainers– It doesn’t really require trends to wear a trainer but this year we see trainers getting treated on a serious note. Men are actually wearing them with their formal and semi formal attires.
trainers2_468x369              Photo-
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Fur– This year we spotted the men wearing them more than women. Be it an all over overdose of fur or a cropped jacket or a touch of it on the collar. Its keeping them warm and us lusting.
travel man.jpg 1mens-fur-coat1

Reviving the 70s– The come back of the rock ‘n’ roll era in men’s wardrobe is quite a rebellious move with men carrying off flared pants, flyaway collars and graphic details in their outfits with awesome ease. It is more like a contemporary interpretation of the retro style with a dab of subtlety infused into it.topmanflares4_2943394bPhoto- The Telegraph UK
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Oversized Overcoats– Mr. Holmes’ quintessential garb is becoming a coveted item in men’s fashion this year. Overcoats never went out of style but this time they are back in an over-sized avatar. The more the volume the more the impact. Men nowadays are making it a winter staple to add the poise and aristocracy that women dig.
paris-men-ann-demeulemeester-fall-2015-marc0213 men-runway-overcoat-a15-choc-brown-berluti00150h_426x639

Redefining Androgyny– With gender issues creating such a fuss around the world. Men have finally taken the leap to dissolve the fine line between male  and female wear. This has resulted in men embracing floral motifs, blush colours and print on prints with open arms.
Fashion-New-2015-font-b-Men-s-b-font-Flounce-Ruched-font-b-Ruffles-b-fontj.w. anderson lace shirt,
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Baggy Trousers– This relaxed fit for trousers is now taking over last year’s skinny and straight fits and adding a bit of much needed fun.


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Bermuda Shorts– Its not that bad an idea if your boyfriend once in a while dresses up like those college days. Yes, this comeback is more like a breather with which the guy should unwind in the weekends with a nice pair of sneakers and jackets to give weight to it.


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Brown and Burgundy– Since winter calls for warm colors, it is a real treat to see men appearing in these shades, smoking like a cup of hot chocolate.,

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Long Scarves– For that air of sophistication men now prefer to dawn a long scarf with most of their attires. Knitted or silk ones, tied around the neck or just tucked inside their shirts men are seen doing more justice to it than women!


The Traveller– Remember Johny Depp in ‘The Tourist’, we sure loved the way we saw him in that look of a wandering gentleman-complete in a hat, scarf, overcoat and a utility bag to carry his world inside.

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Turtle Neck– Another functional piece of clothing that we saw getting revived this year in a man’s wardrobe. The layering keeps away the chill and minus that the 90s minimalist look with just a scarf thrown over makes it look so hot.

Photo-, Pinterest

Statement Blazer– That piece can never go wrong, just wear it over a distressed jeans or a structured formal pant it will instantly up the look of any attire.

Photo- Pinterest,

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Velvet– Yes, men are wearing them and actually rocking it. In their blazers or shoes or collars the touch of velvet is really making a man’s closet worth taking a look.

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