This Year I Resolve To..

The Famous & The Fashionable’s Ideal Resolutions For 2016

2016 is here and with it comes the age old resolutions. You know what we are talking about – “I resolve to lose weight” “I resolve to eat less” ” I resolve to use my gym membership” “I resolve to be a better human being” blah blah blah. Every year we make these resolutions and more often than not, every year we break them the very next day! But that’s the fun of it all isn’t it? Here we take a look at some of the resolutions we would like to see from the famous and the fashionable!

Shah Rukh Khan: Make DDLJ Part 2 and let everyone fall in love with Raj all over again.. and again.. and again!

Kajol: Make many more movies in 2016 and reveal the secret behind her renewed glowing skin

Priyanka Chopra: Drop the accent and do more roles like Kashibai in Bajirao Mastaani where we thought she was spectacular

Kangana Ranaut: Make another Queen-esque movie and steal our hearts

Sonam and Rhea Kapoor: Start a fashion label – that’s one we would DEFINITELY want to get our hands on!

The Bachchans: Keep being fabulous and giving us serious #familygoals envy

Ranveer Singh: Stay single forever so that millions of women are saved from heartbreak

Deepika Padukone: We really can’t think of anything cause she’s pretty darn close to perfect as is!

Tell us what you think the stars should resolve to do next year by dropping a comment on this story!


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