Corporate Looks – Cool & Stylish

Coolest Fashion Trends for Those Working Hours

Express your fashionable style by wearing the latest trends at work in 2016, we’ll tell you how! Although a professional dress code is very important for all. But that doesn’t mean you have to wear black or grey conservative suits and a white blouse every time. Posh fabulous heels, statement pieces, bright lips and play with shapes, carry a smart blazer and a professional bag. You can also add some fun items to your looks be it shoes, bag, earrings or something blingy.

Keep your style simple, sharp and clean-cut. Experiment with hems, shapes, drapes, prints, neck styles and mix and match statement and simple to look glamorous, stylish, chic yet sophisticated. Opt for timeless modern pieces. Choose something tailored by comfort.

So here we have looks and outfit ideas for you to get you covered in style for work.

1. The Sophisticated Look: 

The easiest to do look, but needs a lot of training though. Use a classy and simple look and add items according to your job and personality. Go for a statement piece, sexy heels, leather, prints and something blingy if you like!


2. The Chic Look:

Suitable for those who are more inclined towards fashion. Play with shapes, clash styles, experiment with heels, bags and accessories.


3. The Glamorous Look:

For all the sexy women who rule the workplace, be it in high heels, bright lips or day to night outfits. Go for high heels, rich skirts and blouses, massive bags and clutches, statement neck pieces and brand watches. Because we know you are not afraid to flaunt it all.

look3_1 (1).jpg

4. The Classic Look:

The most common look, regardless of the job you are in to, but at times the most boring look. We have a tip for you: always wear a statement piece, or just add a more fun item to your look like shoes, bag, jewelry, watch, lips and nails.


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