Men’s Hairstyle Trends 2016



6 Edgy Hairstyles To Try Out This Year

We all know what mane means for a man. Many have confessed it to be their primary accessory where a bad hair day is actually nightmarish! – A strictly no-step-out or don’t-ask-me-to-take-that-hat-off day!

So men, hope you get it by now how much prioritised you folks are by us fashion bloggers (Yes, we got those complaint mails saying we don’t make you fashionably enlightened!). Thus, at the start of this brand new year, even before delving into women’s beauty trends we at are getting you covered for this year’s hairstyle fixes.

Read on and stun your girl as you step out without a tantrum but with hairstyles approved by top international fashion weeks.

Natural Waves– Refrain from chopping off your hair as those natural waves start emerging with a bit of increased length. This year the effortless waves are so much in trend that tagging them feminine is strictly banned.

SOURCE- men’,, men’

Military Crop– If long hairs are not your cup of tea or your workplace doesn’t support much experimentation with hairstyles then then go for a super cropped military inspired hair. It is “The” short hair’ with a lot of statement.


Contemporary Side Part– The side part is one timeless hairstyle but this year it has come with a modern interpretation. For reinventing the side part  with a more contemporary look, sport it with different hair textures like the classic sleek gelled hair or the blow dried careless one and even with a spiked effect.


Bun– It’s a complete misconception that buns are monopolised by women only- centuries ago the overtly macho samurias sported it, Why not our Jeans and Tee clad cavaliers of 2016!


Fades– It is the gradual increase of hair length from the neck to the crown. The low fade can make your face look quite sharp while the high ones actually require a bulge free face (strictly not for the ones with beer-fed chubby cheeks). But, this is one hairstyle which has got a lot of sexy masculine accent poured into it.


The Natural Texture– At times going natural also becomes a statement by itself( Of course keeping aside those bad hair days!).
When too much of styling keeps you clueless about which trend to sport next, flaunt what you are born with and that can never go wrong. It can go from wild afros to careless fringes- using a bit of hair wax or gel is not counted as a sin though, if you need. But primarily let the world see what you got!




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