Beauty Edit: Eyeliner Trends In Focus

6 Eyeliner Fads For The Year 2016

Beyond the customary black stroke on the upper and lower lids, ladies, lets be a bit more experimental this year regarding our eyeliner tricks. It is the one piece of of cosmetic we depend on the most yet we have taken it for granted like that decade long marriage! Come on, a little bit of fun is always invited to give a fresh take to anything.
With the grace of Venus we are here to give you some avant-garde inspirations to work this year’s eyeliner trends like a pro.

  1. Metallic Touch
     We have moved on from last year’s colored lines to the metallic tones that give an instant party ready look without giving much time and effort behind the eye make-up. Just give a stroke of gold, copper or bronze and even shimmery tones of blue and purple to work this new look for the new year.
  2. Prominent Underline
    Give the orthodox stroke on the upper and lower lids a break and go a bit edgy this time by concentrating on the underline instead. It might seem to you that the eyes will look bare without the complete lining on the top and bottom. Believe us, when the whole eye is minus any make up, a deep and prominent stroke on the lower lines can really look unconventionally pretty.
  3. Graphic Edge
    This of course is not one of those looks that we are asking you to dawn everyday, but it sure is a striking one for every every fashion rebel to try. Keep the lines sharp and bold for maximum drama.
  4. The Semi Caty Contour
    Reinventing a subdued version of the full cat eye look, starting from the inner corners,try beginning the liner in the middle and work your way out with a little wing on the edges for a minimal yet chic statement.
  5. Discontinued Drama
    Try this new trend with a little bit of stroke here and there and see how the discontinuity make you stand out among all the mainstreams.
  6.  Gem Lines
    Yes, now you can actually substitute your liners with a touch of sparkle on the lower lids (rads can try it on the upper as well). Well its not really the usual eyeliner we are talking about but its sure worth a try for an edgy take on eye make ups. Though you need to keep the rest of your face devoid of much dos to make your eyes do all the talking.



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