Beauty Edit: Winter Skin Care Tips

6 Mandates To Weatherproof Your Skin This Winter


The free-willy weather of the year is here…the sun is no more glaring, the armpits ain’t anymore embarrassing and the peppy warmers are out to frisk all day.
But folks, no matter how carefree it seems we can be in the chilly months our skin at times shows signs that winters are not all about taking a quick bath and get-set-go.
We will keep it very short and simple- here are some extremely useful skincare tips for you to follow during the winters to glow and gambol.

1. Tone down the heat!– No matter how pleasurable it seems, too much hot water dries out the skin beyond repair! When washing your face, use lukewarm water and try and keep the temperature of your showers skin friendly as well.

2.  Scrubbing– The elbows and ankles which are prone to cracking due to dead skin accumulation needs to be scrubbed at least twice a week to keep them crack-free.


3. Lip Service– Applying a lip balm all day does no good to your lips, instead, avoid breathing with your lips open or licking them now and then. You can actually give a gentle scrub to your lips with your toothbrush while going to bed and then apply a balm for a better result.


4. Tinted Moisturiser- Due to the lack of moister in the air the skin tends to look dry and as a result it absorbs your make up less- making your skin look cakey with all the layers of concealer, foundation etc. To avoid that mess, go for a tinted moisturiser (BB cream)which works as a skin hydrater and at the same time decks up your face.

5. After Bath Care– No more applying oils before bath, to lock the moister of your skin apply a gentle massage oil on the damp skin (that isn’t too oily to spoil your clothes) or a good moisturizer. In case you didn’t know, the pores stay open after bath and thus the cream absorbs better.
P.S. Also, replace that bath soap with a moisturizing shower gel.




6. Sun Protection– It is a bad bad myth that sunscreens are only meant for summers. So what, if the sun seems less blazing its UV rays are always there to tan you. So, never forget to apply a good sunscreen before stepping out.





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