The 10 Commandments Of Grooming

Decoding The 10 Hows and Whys of Men’s Grooming

There is more to men’s grooming than just getting a nice shave. Gone are the days of those gallant knights whose chivalry used to make women go weak on their knees. Men however think that replacing those knights’ armoured stallions with a flashy sports car is enough to sweep women off their feet. But dearie, there are easier and more necessary means to ensure you guys look presentable. Thus, we give you these 10 infallible grooming tips to pave your path of glory to become The Alpha Male!!

Clean Your Face– Shun the notion that shaving once a day does all the cleaning for you or that bath soap is good enough for your rough and hardy face. Fact is, that rough face of yours is a result of those years of ignorance. Use a mild gel or foaming face wash to do the bit and make your girl jealous with your baby skin! Also, get rid of those blackheads by using a nice scrub twice a week and see yourself flaunting a glowing skin for which your girl spends hours in the salon.


Mind that Moustache– If you got a moustache then make sure you got it maintained, the bristles poking from here and there is so off putting. Take a cue from Ranveer, the man who made the handlebar moustache a rage in Bollywood.


Image- Pinterest

Care for Your Nails– If you got dirt in your nails or longer nails than your sister don’t expect the damsel to hold your hand tight even in her utter distress!

Beard It Right– If your beard is just overgrown facial hair that you are too lazy to shave then that doesn’t fall in the category of careless ‘beauty’. Keep the edges clean and trim it regularly if you are really in the mood to flaunt a beard, else just clean the mess.



Stun the Sun– Yes guys, even you need sunscreens and it is NOT feminine to apply a skin protection before stepping out. If the international footballers and cricketers didn’t use sunscreens they wouldn’t have dreamt of dating the top models and actresses( Hope You Get It Now!)

Smell Good– We know, you can never step out minus those deodorants of yours but at times invest on some nice colognes. Trust us, it draws attention and creates lasting impression. 80% women have said that the first thing they notice in a man is his smell (ok, we may have made up that number but trust us, it IS a significant percentage of women!)
Smile Bright–  Take some time to go to the dentist for some scaling or a basic cleaning. You might hate a visit to the dentists but this makes a lot of difference to giving you the colgate-esque dazzling smile that’s sure to get the ladies attention.

Puffy Eyes– Those long hours of sitting in front of your work computer or gaming with your friends the whole night with unlimited booze can make your eyes hideously puffy. Try an eye serum before going to bed to prevent premature under eye sagging.

Stay Fit– That family pack in place of your abs needs serious attention. The whole day of snacking in your work chair is not an excuse to flaunt a bloated version of yourself. Go for a jog or spend some time working out in the morning to stay healthy and earn compliments. Take a cue from Milind Soman who got a body to die for at the age of 50!



Hair Care- Trim your hair when it is required and keep away the dandruff to avoid getting tagged as “George Of The Jungle”


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