10 Movies To Watch On Republic Day

Must Watch Movies To Celebrate India’s 67th Republic Day

Happy 67th Republic Day India!

Over 6 decades ago, our brave forefathers fought valiantly to win us our independence. Their struggle was long, arduous and bitter and today we reap the benefits of being a free and independent nation. While many of us have only heard stories from our grandparents and elders and have not lived through the ordeal personally, you don’t have to look too far to get a glimpse of what the Freedom Movement entailed.

As always, Bollywood has done a brilliant job of capturing the struggle to attain freedom and the patriotic spirit and national pride our forefathers passed down to us. Some of these movies are just brilliant cinematic experiences – from the storyline to the sets to the brilliant acting, below is a list of must-watch movies for every Indian.

And what better way to enjoy a relaxed Republic Day than kick-back and watch a fabulous movie that is sure to rile up pride in your country!


Based on  the Indo-Pakistan was of 1971, the movie was an adaption of events that took place during the Battle of Longewala. Starring some of our most beloved action heroes (Sunny Deol, Suneil Shetty, Jackie Shroff) the movie is an insightful look into the bravery of the Indian Armed Forces and will make you appreciate them a whole lot more!


What patriotic movie list would be complete without this classic Ben Kingsley starrer? This Oscar winning movie follows Gandhiji’s life and trials in his non-violent movement towards Indian independence. If you haven’t watched this yet, move it to the top of your MUST-WATCH list NOW!


The bonus with this movie is the eye-candy it offers by way of Hrithik Roshan. A classic coming-of-age tale about a nonchalant boy who joins the Armed Forces on a wild impulse but finds inspiration, courage and commitment in his time there. Throw in the love story with Preity Zinta and this is perfect vacay watching!


This is the movie that made director-actor Manoj Kumar a voice of authority on patriotism in film. Set against the 1965 war between India and Pakistan, the movie weaves a tale of family rivalry, jealousy, betrayal and eventually has a happy ending. If you’re into Bollywood classics, this is a movie for you!

Rang De Basanti:

Most of us have probably watched this movie and 9 out of 10 people who watched this movie LOVED it.  The movie has a killer cast featuring Aamir Khan, Madhavan, Soha Ali Khan, Siddharth, Sharman Joshi and Atul Kulkarni and all of them do a fabulous job. Through the movie, we see the young protagonists slowly adapting the idealism and national fervor of the forefather they are enacting for a documentary. A tale of friendship, love, nationalist, patriotism, courage, determination and above all, loyalty, this movie has something for everyone. If you haven’t already watched it, WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR!?

Mangal Pandey: The Rising

We have all studied the history lessons where Mangal Pandey attacked British officers in what came to be the instigating act of the Sepoy Mutiny of 1857 or the First War Of Indian Independence. Aamir Khan does a sensational job in bringing those history lessons to life in his potrayal of the life, struggles and eventual battles of Mangal Pandey. A must watch for history buffs.

Swades: We The People

Ok, so the name kind of gives it away huh? Starring the inimitable SRK, this 2004 hit was declared as one of the best Bollywood movies of that decade. A story about an NRI who returns home only to have his perspective and life changed forever, the movie rings with a subtle undertone of patriotism and is also an interesting look at an outsiders encounters with the harsh realities of village life. Definitely one to watch, this movie has acclaimed cult following in South Asia and obviously, across India.


It may seem a little cliched to put this movie on the list since it’s on every list every year, but fine, we are cliched! One of the most brilliant movies made in recent times, this Aamir Khan starrer combines two things Indians love most – Cricket and our beloved country. Set in the Victorian period of India’s British Raj, the film captures India’s first hints at revolution and uprising through a village challenging the British to a game of cricket to avoid paying outrageous taxes. This movie will invoke a range of emotions in you – pride, anger, rage, patriotic fervor and many more.

Legend Of Bhagat Singh:

Bhagat Singh, played by Ajay Devgn (who does a phenomenal job as always) decides things need to chance and organizes and leads a revolution against the ruling British. It details out how Singh’s views about the British were shaped and consequently the actions he took regarding the same. Largely told through flashback, the sepia tint throughout the movie creates a truly historic feel.


We have included this in the list since it’s the latest movie to come out in a long line of patriotic movies. Based on the real life incidents that took place in Kuwait during the Iraqi invasion, the movie talks about how one businessman who used to identify himself as a Kuwaiti finds his patriotic spirit in the face of disaster and rallies for the entire Indian community in Kuwait, eventually leading them to safety in what is till date the largest airlift evacuation in history. Starring Akshay Kumar and the gorgeous Nimrat Kaur, watch this movie if you want to head out to the cinema.

Other Patriotic Movies To Watch:

  1. Shaheed
  2. Chittagong
  3. Haqeeqat
  4. Farz
  5. Roti Kapada Aur Makaan
  6. Sarfarosh
  7. Chak De! India
  8. LOC Kargil


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  1. Lakshya, Swades, Sarfarosh and Border are in my list. thanks for the comment

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