Republic Day Fashion 101!

Lessons From Bollywood: How To Look Your Patriotic Best This Republic Day!

Happy 67th Republic Day India!

A shared memory among people who attended Indian schools is dressing up for Republic Day, attending the hoisting of the flag and participating in the general Republic Day festivities that every school organized. As we grew older, the enthusiasm wore off and gradually we stopped celebrating this very special day, except for the fact that it meant a day off from school/college/work!

Recently however, starting with our favourite B-town celebs, we have seen the resurgence of Republic Day celebrations. From patriotic tweets and social media posts to people incorporating the tri-color into their outfits to going all out and dressing up for the day, we have seen that Republic Day celebrations are getting more flamboyant. And what is really exciting, is how it has worked it’s way into the fashion sphere.

Meant to be a day to cherish the legacy of our forefathers, we have also seen our most popular designers showing their patriotism and showing their love for the country. From the revival of Khadi and heritage techniques and textiles to fashion shows featuring Nehru caps, the ramps have been rejoicing Republic Day and the spirit of the nation over the last few years.

On this, the 67th Republic Day of our great nation, we show you a few ways to wear the colors of patriotism proudly and fashionably! Subtle or all out, here are a few suggestions of how you can incorporate the tri-color into your Republic Day ensemble.

The Basics:

There’s a certain understated elegance to a simple kurti. Whether you want to go with a classic silhouette or a more experimental avant-garde cut, wear a kurti in saffron, white or green hues to create your own patriotic statement.

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Top It Up!

Now that you’ve got you’re basic look sorted, there’s a good chance you want to add on some accessories to complete your look. If you want to go all out, here are some accessories that can compliment your tri-color look. From a dupatta, to leggings to jewelry, there are a million ways you can accessorize your Republic Day outfit!


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So, this Republic Day, reinvent the way you dress up, showing off the tricolors that symbolize peace, hope and love.

A very Happy 67th Republic Day to you from all of us here at!



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