[Men’s Trend Edit] Accesorize Right

5 Men’s Accessories And How To Work Them 

Ladies everywhere might be thrilled at the shift in the male attitude towards fashion. Since lately, the heterosexual man is finally coming to terms with the odds of being simultaneously style conscious and masculine. We fashion tipsters who are more than excited to welcome this much needed shift are thus responsibly at it to update you with some inerrable style suggestions, and encourage men to break all stereotypes.
This week we are in the mood to talk about accessories, the department where men do not feel safe venture beyond watches and sunglasses. Read on to know what’s more to try.

Satchels– Bags were never a matter of concern for guys who always stuck to their backpacks and briefcases until now, when side slung bags or satchels are becoming quite popular among them. We heart leather satchels because of its versatility to go with casual as well as semi casual outfits. Try not to carry it on one of your all black days, maybe a tan shoe can help making it work but it’s better to team it up with a casual shirt and denim or cargo or a formal shirt with corduroy trousers.

Scarves- Who said scarves are for girls?? Try donning one at times not for sheer necessity but to add a bit of fun. And how you do it? We can give some ideas…keep it loose or tuck it inside your shirt or give a nice knot.

Cufflinks-If you are one of those who thinks what’s the need to wear a piece of jewelry on your wrists- then may we tell you that cufflinks are quite a functional piece of ornament while being counted as a marker of good taste. A cufflink primarily fastens a shirt by sliding through holes on either side of the cuff opening then locks it to a fixed position to hold both the sides together. It makes a subtle distinguishable statement as it becomes visible from underneath a suit sleeve.

Pocket Squares– Want to ace that formal look? Try adding a pocket square, it color blocks the monotone of the suit and surely invites glances!

Watches– Lastly, since for some of you its a must wear and for the ones who really need to wear one (talking about the late comers). Wear a stylish one because it is a matter of good taste.



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