[Trend Edit] The Croissant: Chanel Haute Couture 2016

The Hottest New Beauty Trend To Hit International Runways

Kendall Jenner, Gigi Hadid, Bella Hadid walked the runway at Chanel’s 2016 spring/summer couture show in Paris’ Grand Palais for Karl Lagerfeld. After his jet-set runway last season, Karl opted for a more subdued home for his collection this season by building out a wood-slatted house (doll’s house) surrounded by a garden complete with lily ponds and blue skies above. The collection was equally as beautiful as its serene surroundings.

Lagerfeld’s nature theme was evident in the embroidery on dresses, including colorful flowers and wooden birds as well as in the shoes: rounded cork wedges. Colors were shades of ivory, beige and gold with dabs of black and dark blue. Kendall and the Hadid sisters made appearance in gorgeous gowns that have been designed with his richest clientele in mind.

The hair, to some, appeared to be an homage to Princess Leia, but when viewed from the back you could see why Sam McKnight had dubbed his style the ‘Chanel croissant’. A voluminous and perfectly unwrapped bun that twisted behind the head. McKnight also noted that the inspiration came from a Picasso sculpture that also inspired the artistic ancient Egyptian-like eyeliner that enveloped the eyes of the models.

We have seen a lot of hair do’s at the fashion week like high buns, bohemian waves and many more but the ‘Chanel croissant’ is the most attractive of them all. Also, it has made a lot of emphasis on the social media platforms.

Let’s have a look at this perfectly wrapped bun!

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