[Designer Focus] The New Age Sartorialists

3 Design Labels Redefining Indian Fashion 

A new wave is taking over Indian fashion, a wave of experimentation and dynamic design brought forth by the young generation of designers fresh out of fashion schools or new entrants without formal training but with a passion for fashion and design that is all consuming. Breaking the monopolistic setup of the past, Indian design sector today seems to be a playground of the new and the old with a niche for everyone.

We take a look at the design ethos of 3 labels that have captured our imagination.

1. Quirk Box

Quirk Box is a fresh, fun and yummy Fashion and Lifestyle label hailing from India . It is defined by an oddity, a sense of innovation and creativity, that is a virtue of Quirk Box. This implicit need to create unique prints developed in-house for the collection called ‘Quirk Box’. A brand full of colors and eclectic prints which definitely makes the heads turn around wherever you go. “I always deliberately keep hunting for unique and quirky prints and Quirk Box is something which is designed to satiate such needs!” – says the designer.


2. Farah Sanjana

Graduating from the prestigious London college of Fashion, Farah returned to India to style well- heeled women who have an eye for quality and fashion. She worked with the couture house of Escada and Vivienne Westwood- participating in the actual creations for both the London and Paris Fashion Weeks 2010. The brand Farah Sanjana is all about edgy sophistication. The collections are inspired greatly by various architectural shapes, origami, detailed metal work, and extremely structured silhouettes,giving a definition to the new sartorial masterclass.


3. Tanieya Khanuja

Tanieya Khanuja, a name that has slowly and steadily emerged as a celebrity favorite with clothes that ooze powerful sensuality. Designed for the woman who is equal parts coy and demure, provocative and unapologetic, the label Tanieya Khanuja is all about celebrating the many nuances of the modern woman.  In the designer’s word, ‘like leather and lace…she strides through life with an understanding of the self like never before, a war cry in tandem with the staccato of her high heels, falling more and more in love with herself with each step.”

A product of NIFT and London College Of Fashion, Tanieya Khanuja has slowly and steadily made huge inroads in the Indian fashion scene and international, known today for her exquisite colour stories and unusual embroideries over unusual silhouettes.



We know you want to know where you can buy these gorgeous beauties (the clothes ofcourse!) So let’s put you out of your misery, head over here for your style fix from Indian fashion’s new finest. Happy shopping!


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