Tie It Up

The Commandments – Pin it or Pair it!

A tie is the first thing that everybody notices. Purchasing a shirt and jacket to match the ties you currently own is not the smartest way to build a wardrobe. That’s like installing your garage door to match the color of your lawnmower. What you should do instead is to focus on matching your shirt and accessories to your most expensive items first and work your way down to items that cost less – such as your tie.

When everyone looks the same, you can always notice when someone has done it properly and someone hasn’t. This small accessory can make a big difference. Read on the commandments for making your tie work well for you!

#The Length

For the best look, the tie should land up between the belt buckle or waistband. If it’s a flat ended tie than it is best to have the tie end at the top edge of your waistband.


#The Right Width

The width of tie has great importance, narrow tie is more modern, stylish and looks great. The narrow width works with both casual and formal adjusting with any modern cut suit. The timeless 3 inch tie is the perfect in-between width for the average-sized guy who wants something a bit more modern. You can wear it with anything and form casual to formals.


#A Tie Bow

The end of a well proportioned bow tie should fall the outside of man’s eyes and edges of his head.


Source: orvis.com

#Tie Bars

A tie bar should never be wider than your tie width. Keep things narrow & avoid the worse to happen.


Source: buzzle.com

#The Perfect Knot

There are four things you should weigh when deciding which necktie knot to tie: 1) the shirt collar type, 2) your body type 3) necktie design and 4) tie construction. The tie knot should never be wider than the collar space.


Source: gq.com

#Solid Staples

Go solid! A solid tie is a wardrobe staple, can be paired with any outfit, casual or formal. A solid tie never goes out of style is sure work wonders with any shirt, t-shirt or those desk to dine hours.


Source: aliexpress.com


Get your tie right! 🙂


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