5 Alternative Valentine Date Ideas

Valentine’s Day is a week away and we are already starting to see the flowers, hearts and teddy bears in all the shop windows. Every year, the second week of February brings with it an onslaught of the color red and all the mushy things we typically associate with V-Day: hearts, roses, candy, candle-light and cheesy Hallmark cards with declarations of infinite love for one another. And while all those things are great and of course time-tested, there are those couples who enjoy the idea and spirit of Valentines Day but want to breakaway from the cliches and do something different. And that’s exactly what we are here to help with.

Here are 5 alternative date ideas to make sure you have a different and memorable Valentines Day

Tried And Tested: Candle-light Dinner At A Romantic Restaurant

Alternative: Brunch Together!

Everyone does the romantic dinner date on Valentines Day and apart from being a tad cliched, it can also be quite expensive given the hiked up priced on Valentines Day. Given that the big day falls on a Sunday this year, why not try something different and brunch together instead? Picture this if you will – pleasant weather, winter sun, getting sozzled on sangria together and enjoying each other’s company – much better than sitting in some dark corner amidst fifty other couples doing the exact same thing right!?

Tried And Tested: A Dozen Roses

Alternative: A Playlist Just For Her!

Not too long back, giving someone a mixtape you made just for them was a sure fire way of letting them know you liked them. We have no clue why that practice died down but we think it needs to make a comeback NOW! Instead of giving her a dozen overpriced roses that will die in a few days, spend some time in creating a playlist of songs that remind you of her – not only will it last a lot longer than a  few days, it will also show her you really care about her!

Tried And Tested: Weekend Hotel Getaway

Alternative: Go Camping!

Since Valentine’s Day is on a weekend, one of the fallback options for many will be to plan a quick getaway. Great idea, but instead of going the conventional hotel route, why not try something a little different? Pick a location close enough for a quick weekend getaway and go camping instead of booking that hotel. Nature is best enjoyed in the company of someone special anyway and some quality time together in the great outdoors is sure to bring you two closer!

Tried And Tested: The Movie Date

Alternative: A Gaming Arcade

Valentine’s Day usually sees a rise in rom-coms and romance movies hitting the cinemas and this also makes for the easiest date! But why not try something a little different this year? Something he will also enjoy just as much as you will? Plan a date at a gaming arcade where both of you can engage in some healthy competitive gaming! Whether its Pac-man, Tetris, Air-Hockey or Bowling, playing against each other is sure to lead to loads of laughs and will give you enough to talk about for some time to come!

Tried and Tested: Just The Two Of You

Alternative: The Group Date

Valentine’s Day is about celebrating your love for your partner, but who said it had to be done in isolation? The best celebrations happen when you are surrounded by people who can celebrate with you, so instead of spending this V-Day with only each other, why not through a group date? Invite other couples you know, get some food and wine out and play games together where couples team up – monopoly, taboo, pictionary are some fun games to play as couples (as long as you don’t get overly competitive in which case, there could be trouble!)

So this Valentines Day, think outside the box and plan something a little different for your partner. Trust us, it will go a long way and get you those extra brownie points!




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