NYFW Spring 2016: Trend Spotting Day 1

As we all know that the NYFW Spring 2016 has begun. There was a plethora of styles and designs that weere seen. Here are 5 key trends we spotted on Day 1 of NYFW that you need to know about!

1. The Pajama:

Pajama dressing was taken to whole new—and very literal—level at New York Fashion Week – Silk pajamas, piping and lounge wear were popular choices. If you’ve ever had trouble getting out of bed in the morning, this one is definitely for you.

2. Puffy Shirt:

The puffy shirt was new the style trend spotted at NYFW 2016, with the ever so elegant white ruffled blouses.




Source: stylecaster

3. Cold Shoulders:

Most of the designers were seen showcasing tops & dress with cold shoulder silhouettes at NYFW 2016.


Source: jinnaloves.com

4. Orange Is The New Black:

You can all say, but orange is the new black for spring 2016. The color can add a pop to any garment, it gets downright shocking when covering the entire body. Still, the bright hue was a popular choice in New York.


Source: fashionista.com

5. The Stripe:

Stripes were seen on suit combos, dresses, and everything in between. It was a graphic look, to be sure, and one we can’t wait to see come spring.


Source: fashionista.com



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