Modern Classic – Satya Paul

India’s First Fashion Brand To Reinvent The Traditional Saree As A Modern Classic

India’s first fashion brand, Satya Paul was established in 1985 in an effort to reinvent the traditional Saree as a modern classic. With exemplary designs and a distinct take on print fabrications, it has created it’s own niche internationally, reflecting the tastes and aspirations of the wearer. Brands categories comprise of a full line of women’s wear, a dedicated range of accessories including men’s corporate additions.

Satya Paul prints are born from thoughts, reflections and opinions. Images of desire, struggle, hope and transformation are woven in with care in strong expressive creations. The only dress that takes shape of the woman who wears it’; the Saree remains central to brand’s design aesthetic. Satya Paul spells the Saree with a capital ‘S’. Satya Paul is a lyrical world of color, art and mystery. The patterns of nature, geometrics of graphics or the details of a rich artistic history find their bearings in the design process.

Satya Paul Women – Charming, chic and bold; the SP woman drapes herself in sensuality and confidence. It’s a thrill to be around her and she stops traffic wherever she goes. Needless to say, this vivacious woman makes a statement just by her being.

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