How To Get Your Office Make-up Right!

Celebrity Make-up Artist Vidya Tikari’s Quick Office Make-Up Routine

We all have grand notions of looking like Miranda Priestly (ya know, the Devil Wears Prada lady) at work, but come 7 a.m we find ourselves scrambling around for time and barely able to get that one line of eyeliner on, let alone a full on make-up routine. Sure, we can spare 10 minutes on doing our make-up in the morning, but let’s get real – what work wear look will only take 10 minutes right?

Well, celebrity make-up artist Vidya Tikari is here to show you just that! A quick, simple and amazing make-up routine for a chic work look that you can easily find time for every morning. Understated and elegant, this make-up look will work across work environments and our tip: play with different colors/sheens for different work styles. If you work in a creative environment, play with brighter colored liners/lip colors. If you work in a very formal work space, stick to neutrals and pastels. Whatevere your style, follow Vidya’s simple routine and you’re sure to be happy with the results!

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