Celebrating Bollywood’s Femme Fatales

Raising A Toast To Bollywood’s Leading Ladies  

This Women’s Day, we would like to show our appreciation for Bollywood’s leading ladies. Over the years, we have seen the notion of a ‘heroine’ evolve from the eye-candy quotient, to the item number, to the secondary lead to the lead character of several box office hits in today’s day and age.

Mary Kom, Neerja, Piku, Jai Gangaajal, Queen, Finding Fanny, Highway, The Dirty Picture, Kahaani, Heroine, NH10 – these are just a few that come to mind when you think of movies that are driven by the woman lead/protagonist. And while they are clearly holding their own (and then some!) on the home front, when you look at the international presence of Bollywood , it’s mostly these leading ladies we are hearing about.

Let’s count them shall we? First we have PC’s monumental achievement in bagging the lead role in an American series (yep, Quantico) and her upcoming role as the villain in the movie adaptation of Baywatch against Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson, not to mention the fact that she was an Oscar presenter, has been on EVERY popular American talk show, is now seemingly a red-carpet regular – I mean just with her, the list is endless!

Then we have Deepika’s upcoming role in XXX against the beloved Fast and Furious cast and the yummy Vin Diesel. How can we not mention Nimrat Kaur and Homeland? Or for that matter Mallika Sherawat and well.. everything!

And it doesn’t just stop with movies – they are conquering all fronts! From their own clothing lines to their own books to cameo appearances in a Coldplay music video, Bollywood’s leading ladies are leading the way in every aspect and today, we raise a toast to them and acknowledge their hard work, talent, effort and sheer awesomeness!

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