Walk To Work In Style

Put Your Best Foot Forward In These Classic Numbers!

Its not only women who have made a mark with their trendsetting streak, menswear has also created quite a stir in the fashion world. Whether you sit in the office all day, are dashing off to important meetings, are in a workshop or teaching, whatever your 9-5 job or late night shift, get inspired to wear your wardrobe in a new way new with our men’s workwear outfits.

With the spring coming in, the early morning routine gets a little revised- you take an unending shower instead of that quick one. You realize that you are donning your usual garments to work but do it with a little twist of linen and cotton. Step out from those year old jackets and shirts for a more structured look with a handsome buttoned down jacket or a blazer. Oh yes, tan is the shade to pick in case you are adding things to the cart!

Wear your favorite shirts to work with a little twist, throw on a blazer for the day and roll up the sleeves for the perfect night look (as you all know girls always find guys hot in rolled up sleeves, and will be thrilled to see the shift in your fashion attitude). A brown blazer is as versatile as a white shirt, which never goes out of style. You can also opt for some cool and stylish statement blazers, for a dapper day to night look.

Keep it sleek with accessories like bags, shoes, watches, cufflinks – we’ve got it all! Here we show you how exactly you can spruce up your summer workwear wardrobe.

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1. Balance By Rohit Bal White Shirt With Pleats 2. Mr. Button White Cotton Shirt with Club Collar

Pair It With:

1. Samant Chauhan Brown Laptop Bag 2. Malvika Vaswani Rose-Plated Brass Cufflinks 


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  1. the bag by samant chauhan is awesome

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