Flats Or Heels: What’s Your Look?

There’s this age old notion that when it comes to shoes, women are of two kinds – the one’s who wear heels and the one’s who swear by flats. The women who like heels would scoff at the thought of sneakers and the flats lovers would wince at the idea of making it through the day in a pair of pumps. That’s the notion anyway. We know better!


The truth is, when it comes to shoes, we love them all! High heels, sneakers, pumps, brogues, wedges, ballet flat, strappy heels, summery sandals – we want them all, and why shouldn’t we!? Different moods, occasions, days call for different outfits right? So why not different kinds of shoes? The modern fashion conscious woman’s shoe rack consists of a mix of all kinds of shoes – from trainers to dangerously high stilettos, they all have a place in our wardrobes.


Very often, just changing your shoes can completely transform the look of the same outfit. And no one knows this better than the young and very fashionable Alia Bhatt! Alia is knows to be a sneaker lover – her extensive collection of sneakers gives us serious kicks envy and she has the most fun way of pairing them with her outfits. Its not uncommon to see her pairing up a dainty little dress with pristine white kicks – and it looks amazing! But  like a lot of us Alia likes to mix it up and on several occasions, we have seen her style the same outfit with heels as one appearance and at flats at another, on the same day! Genius move, we think!


During her recent spate of promotions, Alia was seen on two occasions, switching up her heels for a pair of flats. At a Filmfare unveiling, she was spotted wearing Madison seperates pairing it first with a pair of nude pumps and later switching to coral oxfords. Earlier this month she was spotted in H&M seperates in a solid color palette. She first paired it with a pair of bright pop colored pumps switching them up for metallic sneakers later on. We loved both looks and think she looked great in both – also perfectly showing us how the same outfit can be worn both ways.


So take a cue for the adorable Alia Bhatt – let go of the notion that dresses need to be worn with heels or a sport look means wearing sneakers! Mix it up, switch it around and get your fashion game on point and stronger than ever!


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