Summer In The City

The Joyful Summer Wedding Diary

The temperature is up, the sun is shining bright & the summers are here. As we all await the summer months to start sporting our favorite clothes & the major transition in our wardrobes takes place. And, when we talk about summers we also keep in mind the wedding months that summers bring with them. It’s a bit tricky to decide when dressing up or making plans or making arrangements for a summertime wedding. What colors or dresses to wear? What kinda makeup to go for and many more such questions boggle our minds. Summer weddings are a lot fun to play around with trends, colors, looks and especially flowers. It’s summertime and living is so easy, but it also means the season’s harsh sun is beaming down on your skin. Stay smart & protected with all the right practices for a safe time under the sun. Whether you are the bride or the bridesmaid or the guest at the wedding keep your skin hydrated, sun protected and yes, drink a lot of water for a healthy and dizzy free summer time fun at the weddings. Exfoliate, and when in doubt apply and reapply, it will also help your makeup to stay for a longer time.

Weddings are a celebration of personal style & making a style statement. Add some simple summery to the decor, keeping in mind the bright & bold palette. Flowers are the main player for any wedding and are always trending! Flower hair crowns or hanging flowers all are in the rage. Romantic pastels are apt for a summertime wedding. You can also present your guests with goodies to beat the heat. Setting up a cool drink station in the park would be no bad idea.

A pop of high fashion here and there, will keep the wedding fresh & fashionable & your guests happy.


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