The Summer Bride

10 Commandments To Dressing For A Summer Wedding

Summer weddings have their own sense of charm – from the sunset hues to the balmy weather to the sun-kissed faces of the bride and groom; there’s a certain  beauty to a summer wedding that we adore. But summer weddings can also be tough on a person – dressing in all your wedding finery in that sweltering weather can be an arduous task! We know that it’s not easy to wear those heavy sarees, lehengas and suits in the hot summer sun. But fret not, there are tons of trends and fun ideas you can explore to make sure you look your best on your big day, while staying absolutely comfortable. From lighter, more breathable fabrics to fluid silhouettes, here are ten commandments for every summer bride or guest at a summer wedding to keep in mind


  1. Easy on the embellishments!
  2. Opt for softer colors
  3. Experiment with fabrics like lace
  4. Play with pre-draped sari or sari-lehengas for maximum comfort
  5. Embrace light layers!
  6. Invest in a sheer jacket
  7. Sheer inserts will spruce up your look
  8. Ombre hues make for a stunning look
  9. Go minimal – don’t overdo it!
  10. Go graphic – simple, bold patterns work wonders!

Now that you know how to dress, complete your look with the perfect make-up for a summer wedding. Check out How To Get The Perfect Summer Wedding Make-Up in a make-up masterclass with celebrity make-up artist Vidya Tikari.

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One comment

  1. Dhruti Daniels

    Designer sarees and lehengas are a pre-requisite to a big fat Indian wedding. These style tips will make you look gorgeous on the big day!

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