Brave Menswear

Ranveer Singh Breaks The Mould With His Bold Choices

The fun boy of Bollywood Ranveer Singh, with his quirky style of dressing and sunshine vibe he can make the flashbulbs go crazy wherever he goes. He made himself stand-out with his wacky style sense and of course versatile acting skills. He doesn’t care if he made a few fashion faux pas- he is bold enough to experiment with just whatever he feels like wearing. This man is now among the list of GQ’s Best Dressed Men but he is crazy enough to turn up at the award night in a Muppet print pyjama and a Sylvester fluffy slipper. He makes sure he creates a statement wherever he goes. Only he is able to sport a handle bar moustache or a Mickey Mouse print blazer with equal elan.

When was the last time your saw a bollywood celebrity in his prime wear a skirt on the red carpet? Exactly. You can always expect the unexpected from Ranveer Singh who’s worn bunny slippers to receive an award for his style, made crazy head-to-toe prints seem normal, and has basically worn hats with everything and everywhere. The younger generation in the b-town has been seen taking clues from his fashionable sense namely Siddartha Malhotra, Varun Dhawan or maybe Fawad Khan. If only one more men out there where as brave as him – oh wait, you can be! It’s time to follow his lead.




Check out the full story on Brave Menswear in the March issue of the Exclusively Edit.



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