Menswear At AIFW ’16

Indian fashion weeks have thus far been dominated by women’s wear with barely any men’s wear designers in the limelight. In fact, this has been the status of the Indian fashion industry for the longest time. The recent past however, has shown an emergence of men’s wear designers and gradually there has been growing interest in men’s fashion. This was significantly visible at the recent AIFW A/W ’16 held in Delhi last week. Apart from more men’s wear designers who had their own shows, Day  3 ended with a ‘men in fashion’ grand finale that showcased pieces from 8 well established designers.This fashion week also served as a debut to AIFW for twenty-four male models, further growing the men’s fashion space in India.

Apart from just being a growing space, it’s also a highly fashionable space. Some of the sartorial stories we witnessed on the ramps was truly spectacular. Here we recap our favourite men’s wear trends and designs spotted on the AIFW trends.


Ujjwal Dubey’s Antar-Agni was a work of art. His A/W ’16 collection labelled ‘The Red In Us’ showcased relaxed silhouettes with asymmetrical hemlines in a rich color palette of reds (duh!), lilacs and indigo hues.


Credits: mensxp

Divyam Mehta (Shop Divyam Mehta)

Divyam Mehta has rapidly been gaining popularity for his keen design sense. His collection ‘Into The Woods’ was a play of fabrics – from Japanese fabrics to linen, knits, silk, merino wool, shibori accents and much more. Inspired by nature, the collection of dark hued jackets, trousers and stoles was peppered with prints of trees.


Credits: pinterest

Rohit Gandhi and Rahul Khanna (Shop Rohit Gandhi and Rahul Khanna)

This designer duo are veterans with men’s wear – chic, classy and structured, their A/W ’16 line was all we expected and more. with timeless shades of ivory, black and blue the line featured very clean lines, structure and their signature contemporary take on Indian fashion.

best-menswear-designers-at-the-aifw-20163-1458564758_350x163 rohit rahul.jpg

Credits: mensxp

Ashish N Soni & Troy Costa

Troy Costa’s show was extremely interesting for two reasons – 1) The line featured the classic suit and 2) The models filling out those stunning suits were pro-kabaddi players! We loved his take on the classic suit and the detailing embedded in the jackets.


Credits: Instagram

Ashish N Soni also did suits, but in contrast to Costa, their suits were experimental and eclectic. Polka dots, pinstripes, open sandals with suits – you name it, they did it! Definitely an interesting twist to the traditional suit.

Rohit Kamra

This was perhaps one of our favourite shows not just for the beautiful line Kamra showcased but also for the beautiful Randeep Hooda who closed the show! Kamra showed a line of trousers, bandhgalas and jackets in a classic color palette – a highly wearable collection for the younger man. He has used fabrics like khadi, wool, linen and flannel, resulting in a beautiful A/W line. What we especially liked were the breeches with metallic studs in them.


Credits: Indianexpress

JJ Valaya (Shop JJ Valaya)

The iconic designer pulled out all the stops with this line of traditional Indian wear for men. We were completely blown away by the elegant grandeur of the pieces – the dark, smoky color palette and heavy fabrics used make it the perfect A/W occasion wear and it is also a very wearable line.


Credits: Instagram

Rohit Bal  (Shop Rohit Bal)

One of India’s favourite designers, this line was an audience favourite and the runway presentation was top-notch. Channeling the now famous ‘vampire vibe’, the line featured long black lungis with floral latkans, stoled with black roses and the most beautiful bandhgalas and jackets in a sexy color scheme.


Credits: mensxp

Some of the other notable men’s wear designers we loved were Rajesh Pratap Singh whose line feature loose pants and accents of gold, Ashish & Vikrant with their bright line of traditional Indian wear and Varun Bahl’s dainty dinner jackets with floral accents.

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