The Bigger, The Better!

When it comes to jewelry, the new rule is the bigger, the better! From big jhumkis to dangling chandelier earrings to chunky bracelets and cuffs, oversized maang-tikkas or statement necklaces, large jewelry is making waves and it’s time you get on board.

From the cute baubles you wear with your everyday wardrobe to the more expensive, investment jewelry you whip out only on special occasions, start looking at bigger, more statement pieces. A nice pair of dangling earrings can do wonders to brighten up an otherwise sombre outfit.

A statement necklace can be the focal point and tie together an entire ensemble while a chunky cuff or bracelet can be the perfect accessory to complete an otherwise perfect outfit.

When it comes to jewelry, size does matter! So don’t shy away from the big, statement pieces anymore – add to your jewelry box with these big, bold numbers. And there’s no place better to start than at!

biggerbetter_blog1 (2).jpg



  1. Fooljhadi Earrings 2.Malleka Gold Chain 3. Amethyst by Rahul Popli bracelet  4. Preeti Mohan Set 5. Deepa & Rohita Earrings

Pair It With:

  1. Babita Malkani Crop Top 2. Nikhil Thampi Dress

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