Beat The Heat

5 Summer Skin Care Tips For Men

Most men still believe that skin-care regimes & changing beauty products according to the weather are only in a women’s to-do list. But you can’t be more wrong! Summer is here and brings with it a special set of skin care routines. The heat and humidity makes skin sweaty and oily and there is the constant threat of sunburn. From sunburn to pore-clogging sweat, summer doesn’t exactly play nice with skin. Use our tips and picks to get through the season undamaged.

#Cleanse Your Face More Than Once

Men’s skin is oilier, so cleaning the face twice or thrice a day, with a cleanser or face wash and not scrubbing it with soap is imperative. It helps clean the pores and removes excess oil. Clarifying cleansers form a very important part of a man’s daily skin care routine.

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Getting rid of the dead skin cells by scrubbing is very important during summer days. Men should typically go for deep exfoliation once in every 3 days or visit a men’s salon once a week for professional exfoliation. Natural glow can only be attained if you remove the older dead cells and nourish the younger skin cells.


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#Use Sunscreen Everyday

This goes without saying but a sunscreen will work if you use it in a correct way. Make sure you use a sun screen lotion/cream 30 minutes before heading outdoors. Apply a sunscreen after every 2 hours regardless of the SPF because it wears off on its own, by touching, using a towel, sweating and washing your face. Apply it on all parts of your body. Don’t forget your ears, hands and feet. Also, use a lip balm with sun protection to guard your lips.


#Stay Hydrated

This is one very important tip in the summer is not just for men but for everyone. Make sure you drink adequate amount of water daily to keep your skin stay hydrated and fresh. Drink around eight glasses of water everyday & also include fresh fruit juices to your diet.


Moisturizing your face is a summer essential for good skin. It keeps your skin hydrated & fresh, and also prevents wrinkles and laugh lines. For some natural hydration, use cucumber and tomato juice, which also helps in lightening blemishes and tanning.



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