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Sartorial Headlines Worth Knowing From India & Around The World

1. Prince: A Fashion Icon To Remember

Prince’s unapologetically flamboyant fashion sense made him an icon as much as his music did. Not one to conform to the tides of trends or social norms, his style — like that of David Bowie, who died in January – was gender-bending, but instead of androgyny like Bowie, Prince favored lace, frilly ruffles, bandanas and thick eyeliner. Designers from Tommy Hilfiger to Donatella Versace often cited the singer, who died Thursday at age 57, as a source of inspiration.

Rising to prominence in the 1970s, he pioneered “the Minneapolis sound”, a mixture of funk, rock, pop, synthpop and new wave. Over the course of his career he won seven Grammy Awards, and earned 30 nominations. Five of his singles have topped the charts and 14 other songs hit the Top 10. He won an Oscar for the original song score to the classic film “Purple Rain.”
Regarded as a pop culture icon, the artist played with gender and sexuality, always defying convention. Nowhere was this more obvious than in the way he dressed. Read more here!
2. Coachella: The Neon Carnival
Typical festival fashion — neon, crochet and lace details, cutoffs or anything cropped, bohemian dresses and Native American-inspired prints flavored this weekend at the Coachella music jamboree. Not even bumper-to-bumper traffic and road closures could prevent motivated desert revelers from raging long after Ice Cube and Guns N’ Roses closed out night two of the Coachella Valley Arts and Music Festival on Saturday. The Uber system crashed and burned, leaving partygoers stranded in the middle of the desert at Neon Carnival, held in a hangar at the Desert Resorts Airport in Thermal, Calif., for the seventh year in a row.
3. Calvin Klein Creative Directors Exit
Calvin Klein creative directors Francisco Costa & Italo Zucchelli have exited the company, as part of a new global creative strategy to unify all of the house’s brands under one creative vision. Costa joined Calvin Klein in 2001 from Gucci and was appointed creative director of the women’s collection after Calvin Klein’s retirement. Zucchelli — who worked previously worked in menswear at Jil Sander— was appointed creative director of menswear in 2004. Their successors have yet to be named. Read the full story here!
4. CEO Michele Norsa To Leave Ferragamo Within 2016

Italian fashion label Salvatore Ferragamo’s CEO Michele Norsa is stepping down from his position after 10 years on the job. Mr. Norsa plans to leave by the end of the year, waiting until a new chief executive has been named to make his exit. The announcement comes less than a month after creative director Massimiliano Giornetti departed from the company, ushering in a new era of leadership for the company. Mr. Norsa joined Ferragamo in 2006 and was at the helm when the company issued its initial public offering in 2011. A brand statement quoted by Reuters says, “Norsa has expressed the wish to prioritize family and to focus on new professional interests after a long period of intense efforts and rewarding results.”

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