A Perfect Date!

How To Dress For A Date

Having the courage to ask someone out is a very tough job. Don’t waste your anxiety on thinking upon what to wear on the first date. Instead, find out a no fail uniform and then replicate it when you get on a second date.

Of course, we all need to dress up a little on our first date to show some effort. But not too much. A suit says stuffy, but a simple dark (tan preferably) blazer with a pair of slim-fit raw, or dark jeans and a fresh, white button up shirt always looks crisp and clean. It gives you a full tailored look. And don’t forget your shoes. Your date always notices your shoes. In cooler months, you can go for a leather or suede chukka or a brogue. In warmer months, boat shoes, a clean loafer, or a simple pair of slip on leather kicks work well.

No matter what you wear, always opt for something that you feel comfortable in and that flatters your shape . Wearing any outfit you are unsure about will bring down your confidence and that’s is always your best accessory.

You may also want to match your date and your destination in dressiness. Try to choose clothing that can go on a multiple ways – with a tie/without, with a sweater, under a jacket, etc.  Have an idea of the most you can wear, and the least, while still looking put together. If you’re picking your date up, keep a jacket or sweater under your arm until you have all the info. If you’re getting dressed in the same space, feel free to ask.



Look like a man, whatever than means for you. For many, it can mean avoiding certain “guy” standards, like: White socks? Someone will see them, and it’ll probably be your date. Don’t do it. Always wear a watch, you don’t want to be pulling out your phone to check the time.


If you don’t feel confident in what you’re wearing, don’t wear it. Just because a shirt has a collar doesn’t mean it’s dressy. You’d be better off in a well-fitting sweater than a worn out button up shirt. Remember, it’s is a date, not friends day out. There isn’t a dress code, rather it’s an opportunity to make your date night special.

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