The Nail Forecast!

Top 5 Spring/Summer 2016 Nail Trends

Does experimenting with colors on your nails excite you? Is it enjoyable to turn your fingers into mini works of art. Do you simply just love following all the latest nail art trends? Honestly, if your answers are yes for any of these questions, you are going to fall head over heels in love with the spring/ summer 2016 nail trends. From rainbow colors to to glitters to matching with lips and eyes, plays on the classic French or to the nudes, there are awesome nail art trends for everyone right here and it is taking on a rather sophisticated mood.

#1. New French Nails

The use of French nails, revamped to suit the 21st century and the bold individuality of spring/summer 2016. The interesting displays we see now of colored edges, the classic trend was reworked to create a youthful twist. There are bursts of color wherein the nails match the eyes to the negative space trend with pastel edges along with a separated center (giving it a flower petal effect) to the black at the bottom and to the sides with silver on top (a ring like formation).


#2. Matching Nails to Makeup

One of the most intriguing spring 2016 nail trends, particularly the spring season that we can see here but we certainly expect it for the fall as well, is the whole matching eyes and lips to nails feature that has taken over. It is like the matching handbags and clothing. We see matching nails and eye makeup with bold lines, the graphic highlights reinventing the French manicure and how we expect to apply shadowy liner. Glittering nails and eyes in silver, shimmering red lips, and it is all about the bare face matching the bare nails too.


credits: fashionisers

#3. The Glitter Magic

We’ve always seen glitter everywhere, so why not add some to the nails as well, particularly if you are matching to the eye makeup. Bejeweled and sparkly is how we love it, shining bright as a diamond with muted nails versus the eye shadow. Glitter can also be added to rainbow nails that have a rather keen resemblance to Easter egg colors.


credits: instagram

#4. Stripes Everywhere

Horizontal or vertical, metallic or matte, the stripes appear all over the place on the runways, being graphic and minimalist at the same time, stripes are appealing to the general theme of the spring 2016 fashion trends.



#5. The Nude Manicure

Clean nails that your teachers would have been proud of in school are a huge trend on the runway this year, the nude taking on the rest of the trends with ease. It is like the barefaced makeup look: there, but really isn’t there.


credits: minibeautylife



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  1. without nail enamel I strongly feel unprepared

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