Skirt Through Summer!

Dressing up in summer is definitely fun – you can play with colors, textures, silhouettes – in short, you can go wild! For a fashion fanatic, it’s the ideal season to experiment. However it’s also a challenging season – the sweltering heat does impose certain restrictions on what you can wear. You want to look fabulous but stay comfortable and at ease at the same time – light fabrics, easy silhouettes and breathable fabrics will ensure this!

As the summer days get longer and the heat gets more intense, it’s becoming almost impossible to keep wearing pants, trousers and anything that’s extremely fitted. Skinny jeans, tapered trousers, legging/jeggings are slowly making their way to the back of closets everywhere!

The skirt is our hero piece this sizzling summer! An extremely versatile piece of clothing, the skirt comes in various silhouettes, lengths, textures, colors, fabrics and can be worn across occasions. Whether its at the workplace where a fitted pencil skirt looks formal and chic or a brunch where a maxi is ideal or a date where a cute mini will work like a charm, the skirt is our go-to outfit this season.

Here’s our pick of our favourite skirts – go crazy with these, this summer!



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  1. you can play with three pieces of clothes also on scorching heating sun

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